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Demand for skilled IT workers continues to grow http://t.co/lHxFB1LGEA

Demand for IT staff goes up again, as does pay says KPMG/REC - http://t.co/aqTYeYTvrb http://t.co/Nm7wLCIhRz via @techworldnews

Women in technology http://t.co/1rCrdWn2zg #MakeItHappen

The end is nigh for Windows Server 2003 – are you ready? http://t.co/uybRbHufHr via @sharethis @InformationAge

Trustmarque research shows how dangerous a lack of knowledge can be http://t.co/RIi7wRKLvV #Cloud

@WWLNHS Marches Towards Paperless Goals http://t.co/ctGoqOss9r @24nbiz #nhs

Clinical engagement key to north west trust’s electronic record plans http://t.co/avJ1ugWy1X @GovComputing @WWLNHS

What are your office workers doing behind your back with cloud apps? We did the research for you - http://t.co/hk52nWl4pm

5 worrying ways your employees use company data in the cloud http://t.co/BWimqpXEDV @BiznessReporter #Cloud

Employees are increasingly putting sensitive company information at risk through use of Shadow IT #Cloud #survey http://t.co/3ASIJ3MfH7

What are your employees doing behind your backs? Find out in our Office Worker Cloud Usage & Risk Survey - http://t.co/hk52nWl4pm

How at risk is your organisation from unsecure Cloud apps activity? Watch: http://t.co/lrrlTDQ0Nh #Cloud #survey #video

IT needs to reassess the meaning of compliance for cloud http://t.co/qP6abgtRBQ @ComputerWeekly #Cloud #survey

Imagining the #future of the workplace http://t.co/MbwOfW5YWn #driverlesscars #newtechnology #wearables #IoT

Office workers are using Cloud apps as corporate IT fails to meet their needs #Cloud #survey http://t.co/wXGTRzb2Qx

Are your employees putting sensitive company information at risk? See how you compare with other companies http://t.co/hk52nWl4pm #Cloud

This month, a top #Google executive warned of a ‘digital dark age’ http://t.co/6b9xO9o8zl #technology #digitalvellum #cloudempowered

Ignorance rules the workplace cloud http://t.co/1Wvj7o1Qiq @cbronline #cloud #survey

Must Know Stats on UK Office Worker Cloud Usage - Download our report http://t.co/hk52nWl4pm #Cloud http://t.co/kbFvJBElnb

Most UK employees unaware of employers’ cloud computing policy, claims research http://t.co/rBpesk1uly via @cloud_comp_news #Cloud