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How Trustmarque delivered unified communications to @ZodiakMedia http://t.co/QqibtbdymP #Microsoft #IT

How important are our digital rights? http://t.co/CRF7FpXPlN #netneutrality #MagnaCarta

A digital Magna Carta http://t.co/gSMNELBk0I

Coventry consults over next stage of cloud migration aims http://t.co/ftcwUqVFLV @GovComputing @CoventryCC #cloud

Choosing the right strategy for cloud delivery http://t.co/IxzF2l2wp5 @CCIMagazine #cloud #cloudempowered

RT: A warm welcome to @Trustmarque, creating a clear road map for #cloud migration at #EHS2015 next week http://t.co/zSanT8Fiqm

Last day to save 25% on upgrades to @VMware vSphere with Operations Management, find out more: http://t.co/RNpSOb9JSF

RT @LiberataUK: .@jasontfahy tells @themjuk how @KnowledgeHub is helping the public sector collaborate http://t.co/eueZQOiM8s

Whoops, there goes my data! Learn to live with shadow IT http://t.co/gnf2BYSNG5 via @theregister #shadowIT

Legacy systems are holding some public sector organisations back from cloud adoption http://t.co/5mgfVcIgvC #cloud #cloudempowered

Cloud vs. Legacy Systems http://t.co/YWMBrHS1j5

The upgrade @VMware vSphere with Operations Management offer ends in 3 days: http://t.co/SfKNqGPpxo

How Trustmarque updated legacy business systems and provided managed cloud services to @YourAAT http://t.co/Qw0DQ4EPoq #finance #IT

RT: #Hybrid #cloud implementations: The sooner the better for the #CIO http://t.co/jT2Xp3Lm2m http://t.co/3FWVZBFqMJ

Why #technology is empowering http://t.co/C8D8IRH0T1 #LDNTechWeek #CleanTech #ActOnClimate

Save 25% on Upgrades to @VMwarevSphere with Operations Management, offer ends in 4 days: http://t.co/tIQCVqy10j

What is “cleantech”? http://t.co/z9KaQe7fi0

RT @GarthwaiteEmily: Read about how and why @CoventryCC is using the #cloud with help from @Trustmarque http://t.co/bZpC710zwB

Only 5 days left to save 25% on Upgrades to vSphere with Operations Management, find out more: http://t.co/rOcgW5amNA

How to recycle your device whilst protecting your data @recycle_now @computer_aid http://t.co/vHx0ymOIMG #recyclingweek #datasecurity