Scotland Office

Through collaboration and partnership with our customers, Trustmarque’s Scottish team is focused on de-risking, reducing costs, removing complexity and enhancing efficiency. Our experience and expertise presents no limitations, being that Trustmarque’s presence includes customers from banking, insurance and retail, to manufacturing and legal. Our largest customers include multinational corporations as well as the Scottish and UK Public Sector.

Trustmarque is extremely proud of our heritage within our Scotland customer base, and our success has been truly underpinned by our capability to deliver our Scottish customers with a range of unique solutions from a true ‘local’ service provider.

Whilst Trustmarque’s continuous investment towards multifaceted technologies remains unquestionable, Trustmarque’s vendor independence remains a key differentiator for existing customers and for those new customers looking at alternative service providers.

In recognition, Trustmarque has secured a host of NEW major Public Sector Software and Services Frameworks, including the award of a place on a Framework to provide IT specialist services under a new NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) framework agreement. We have introduced a broad range of customer IT Delivery and Software contracts and we have delivered demonstrable savings back into Corporate Budgets via a number of our dedicated service solutions.