Here at Trustmarque Solutions we are passionate about the environment. Within the company we have our own Environmental Committee, made up of staff from different departments, all with the same interest and belief in looking after our planet.

Environmental Committee

Trustmarque’s Environmental Committee not only helps to improve the environmental credentials of our own offices, but we are also keen to go out into the local community and take part in any conservation tasks we can. We are always interested to hear from people who would like Trustmarque to make a positive contribution to our environment. If you would like to get in touch with the Environmental Committee you can do so by emailing Environment@Trustmarque.com.

Monitoring what we do

Part of the committee’s continual drive to have a lesser impact on the environment is monitoring the various aspects of our business. We are continually monitoring how many miles we travel per car, how much electricity we use, how many flights our employees take etc. By monitoring this data we are able to verify the success of various environmental projects we carry out.

Our Projects

Below are our main areas of focus. We look forward to updating this page as the below projects develop: Reduction in Electricity consumption
  • Review and monitor usage patterns
  • Educate our employees on methods of reduction
  • Implementation of Green IT strategies
  • Improve efficiency of air conditioning and heating
  • Reduction of Carbon emissions through travel
Incentivise cycling to work for our staff Car sharing Trustmarque currently have a car sharing scheme in place that incentivises staff to car share. We are looking to generate more car sharing moving forward. Video Conferencing We encourage the use of video conferencing, where possible, to avoid unnecessary travel for face-to-face meetings. Recycling and the Paperless Office We have an objective to achieve 100% electronic invoicing. We provide education on recycling and ensure that full recycling facilities are available.

Trustmarque A CarbonNeutral® Company

Trustmarque has been a CarbonNeutral® company since 2005 and we continue to reduce our environmental impacts through carbon offsetting, which means that we have measured and reduced all of our CO2 emissions to ‘net zero’. We are committed to measuring our GHG emissions annually and the most recent figures are illustrated in the charts below. In 2011 our total CO2 emissions were 633.8 tonnes and the chart below shows how this is broken down. TMSCNBreakdownPiechart2011 In 2012 our total CO2 emissions were 877.2 tonnes, the breakdown of which can be seen in the chart below. TMSCNBreakdownPiechart2012 As we moved premises in 2012, our floor area increased by 72%. This had the effect of increasing the premises emissions (mainly due to a considerable increase in gas usage), as a percentage of our total emissions, by 4%. Business Travel and Commuting are a key part of our business, which is why they accounted for 67% of our emissions. For the past 9 years we have been working with The CarbonNeutral® Company to retain our ‘net zero’ carbon footprint status by offsetting our CO2 emissions through a number of climate friendly projects around the world. The total amount of CO2 emissions we have offset so far is 3,634 tonnes. Over the last two years we offset our CO2 emissions by investing in the following projects: Sabah Rainforest Rehabilitation Project (Malaysia) 266 tCO2e – £12.10 per tCO2e

The Sabah Rainforest Rehabilitation Project rehabilitates logged rainforest in the state of Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo, through Improved Forest Management (IFM) activities, as well as avoiding a second round of logging. The project developer has been working on these activities since the early 1990s and, so far, has restored approximately 12,000 hectares (ha) of rainforest with a goal of rehabilitating a total of 25,000 ha.

Renew Portfolio (various projects selected by the Carbon Neutral Project) 1,064 tCO2e – £1.47 per tCO2e

The Renew Portfolio is a portfolio of projects selected by the Carbon Neutral Project. This portfolio supports small-scale operations in a sustainable way, provisioning carbon off-setting from worthy community projects and small-scale producers.

. . Carbon Neutral Logo
 “I would like to congratulate Trustmarque on their continued commitment to carbon neutrality which began in 2005. We have been delighted to work with them as they meet their customers’ requirements to work with organisations who are actively managing and reducing their environmental impacts.” Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of The CarbonNeutral Company