Central Government

Drive cost efficiency whilst ensuring a secure and compliant IT infrastructure.

Driving cost efficiency whilst ensuring a secure and compliant IT infrastructure is a high profile concern for many UK public sector organisations. But having delivered successful solutions to public sector clients including the NHS and the Ministry of Defence, Trustmarque’s market-leading industry experience will provide you with the highest levels of specialist service to achieve your goals.

Our dedicated team specialises exclusively in the supply and service of central government departments. Trustmarque is a fully accredited Central Government supplier sitting on multiple national framework vehicles, including Government Procurement Service CITHS (Commoditised IT Hardware and Software) and G-Cloud. We work closely with our partners’ central government teams to keep our offerings up-to-date with the latest in both technology and market insights. As a result, our team is able to help you address key business priorities, including:

The CITHS framework is managed by Government Procurement Service, the national procurement partner for UK public services and an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office. CITHS replaced the IT Goods and Associated Services agreement in 2010 and has enabled Trustmarque to supply IT services and solutions to the public sector over the last three and a half years, with a contract extension to its fourth year now approved.

As an authorised Government Procurement Service supplier, you can be confident that Trustmarque is a credible and experienced advisor, enabling you to efficiently purchase the most appropriate solutions for your requirements at highly competitive prices.

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