Trustmarque announced as Microsoft’s elite cloud service provider

We are delighted to announce that Trustmarque has joined an elite group of UK cloud providers, working together with Microsoft to offer customers hybrid cloud and Azure-enabled solutions. The Cloud OS Network is a worldwide group of select service providers that uniquely combine expertise in Microsoft technology, customer requirements, and Cloud OS to deliver a […]

Government set to benefit from hybrid cloud

Gartner recently published its top trends in strategic IT that governments should be aware of. Unsurprisingly hybrid cloud made the list, with Gartner highlighting that: “Hybrid IT offers government CIOs a new operating model that supports their IT departments’ ability to combine and manage on-premises infrastructure or internal private cloud with external cloud-based environments simultaneously.” […]

Enhance Housing Services with Innovation & Technology

For many social housing providers, Cloud is a brave new world. Adopting the Cloud can be complex. Each organisation has its own unique environment and features, and not all Cloud solutions are created equal. Trustmarque’s Cloud and Housing experts will not only be in attendance at the Enhanced Housing Services event: They will also be […]

A digital Magna Carta

Digital rights are high on the agenda as internet usage becomes more and more prolific. As the US goes ahead with rules to enforce net neutrality, the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta also got the UK thinking about how to preserve our historic rights to privacy and freedom of information in a digital age. […]

Cloud vs. Legacy Systems

Government bodies should continue to embrace cloud adoption, according to a recent report. However, many civil servants have been slow to push for the adoption of cloud technologies available following the launch of the Government Cloud Strategy (G Cloud) in 2011. A lack of confidence amongst decision makers and reliance on legacy IT systems appears […]

What is “cleantech”?

There was a fresh buzzword going around at London Technology Week: “Cleantech” is tech that can boost sustainability – and the definition is expanding as technology continues to advance. The broader definition includes more than solar panels and windfarms. The development of a “clean web” which utilises people, data and the internet could also be the key to […]

IT Simplified. Social Housing Providers Empowered

Trustmarque’s Housing expert, James Threapleton, will be in attendance at the fourth annual CIH conference on 23rd – 25th June. To book an appointment to discuss how we can simplify IT to empower your organisation, please complete the booking form below. The CIH annual conference is the largest event in the sector’s calendar and is a must-attend […]

How to recycle your PC

On Monday 22nd June, National Recycling Week commences across the UK, aiming to get us all thinking about items we may not have previously considered recycling. In order to participate, we decided to take a look at how computers and laptops can be safely recycled or donated to charity, whether they are from home or […]

Preservation in the cloud

A short while ago, we talked about the ongoing mission of some internet evangelists to use new technology to store records of information, digital media and even personal memories indefinitely – or even infinitely. From family photographs on outdated cameras, to old films on VHS, the supporters of ‘digital vellum’ would like to see it immortalised in […]

Doing more with less

There’s nothing new about society’s drive to do more with less, and to make the most out of available resources. For healthcare organisations such as the NHS, which is striving to make the most of limited resources, it’s of vital importance. Last year, the NHS reported that the 12 million GP appointments missed each year […]