Simplifying IT Spend, Empowering the Public Sector Workshop

Today, IT is all about cost savings and managing budgets better. At Trustmarque, our extensive Public Sector expertise has enabled us to develop solutions that provide organisations with the tools to meet ever-increasing demands. From cloud migration to achieve flexible and scaleable solutions, to developing a mobile workforce operating within a secure environment. Our specialist […]

What can we learn from Facebook’s new office?

This month Facebook became the latest tech behemoth to open futuristic new headquarters. The social media giant will be joining Google and Apple in seeking to create a workspace adapted to the needs of modern employees by radically redesigning the office. The new Facebook HQ will have a nine acre park atop the roof to […]

Enterprise Mobility Workshop – May

WHAT IS A ENTERPRISE MOBILITY WORKSHOP? The Enterprise Mobility Workshops is a ½ day event delivered jointly with Microsoft and is designed to help you understand how Microsoft can keep your users productive, help with data protection & compliance, and unify your environment to drive efficiency – introducing enterprise mobility solutions & technologies from Microsoft. […]

Algorithms and assets

Asset management is a game changer for any organisation or individual seeking to make the most out of what they already have, or aiming to make informed decisions for the future. What to invest in next? What needs an update, and what areas are carrying a little extra fat that, actually, could be trimmed from […]

Fintech is coming

This week, The Economist has been singing the praises of a new wave of start-ups keen to venture into finance. From wealth management to crowd funding, ‘fintech’ firms are springing up fast and taking on financial services piecemeal. Payments app Venmo was used to transfer $1.3 billion in the first quarter of the year, while […]

A digitised government

At first glance, technology doesn’t appear to be an election winner – but it’s pretty crucial that the new administration gets it right. “Technology will underpin the delivery of almost every major policy enacted over the next five years,” remarked the editor of Computer Weekly, Bryan Glick, earlier this month. IT is an important industry […]

The data challenge

As paperless offices become the norm, saving space and rendering collaboration easier, organisations are collecting and storing vaster and vaster amounts of digital data. As this data proliferates, new ways of using data analytics, and of protecting sensitive data, are constantly evolving. According to Deloitte’s recent report, “analytics is becoming both the air that we […]

Rights-management: a cost-effective security option

Last week, the great and good of cyber-security gathered in San Francisco for RSA 2015 to discuss the latest developments in the on-going battle to protect enterprises against hackers, malware and basic human error. As always, the question of how to secure the enterprise is further complicated by new technology, the growth of public cloud […]

Infrastructure-as-a-service: On cloud nine

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) continues to be a successful venture for technology companies and their clients so far this year. But what is IaaS, and how does it work? IaaS is a variety of cloud computing in which third party providers such as Amazon and Microsoft host virtual resources over the internet on behalf of their customers. […]

Are you a ‘modern’ insurer?

‘Modern’ Insurance organisations are utilising technology to empower how they do business by; Using systems that can pull from multiple sources and provide ease of access to information to meet regulatory frameworks Updating desktop infrastructure for increased workforce productivity and collaboration Adoption of cloud-based systems as part of overall legacy replacement and used as a […]