Business Productivity
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Empower the Modern Workforce

More organisations are spread across multiple locations and their workforce expect a certain level of work/life balance. The technology is now available to meet these requirements. By adopting new tools, businesses can change ways of working and make efficiencies.

This is often termed in the IT industry as Business Productivity.

Business Productivity makes life easier for employees to do their jobs and for organisations to save money.

Organisations that use cloud based technology can increase employee productivity by introducing closer, quicker, and smarter collaboration tools. Working with office solutions software, such as Microsoft Office 365, can help achieve these goals.

There are also significant costs savings to be made by moving, either fully or in part, to the cloud by removing costly infrastructure hosting and maintenance from budget.

Business designed technology benefits businesses


It enables businesses to:

  • React to customer demand
  • Consume IT when needed
  • Optimise costs by moving to an OPEX subscription model
  • Lower IT infrastructure costs

It enables staff to be:

  • Work closer together
  • Be in different locations
  • Access important business documents from anywhere
  • Work together on the same projects at the same time

Trustmarque’s Business Productivity services can help organisations to:

  • Equip staff with tools to do their roles efficiently
  • Transform the way organisations and staff work through easier collaboration and better communication
  • Manage the IT needed through pay-as-you-go subscriptions, giving flexibility to scale up and down when needed

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