In this highly competitive marketplace, organisations not only seek confidence that their software is procured in the most cost-effective manner, but also that it is managed effectively once purchased. By creating a technology strategy suited to an organisation’s bespoke requirements, we aim to maximise the benefits of licences, ensuring that agreements are utilised effectively.

It is therefore essential that organisations implement necessary policies and procedures to support a full lifecycle management process for new and existing software assets. Companies need to clearly define and ensure roles and responsibilities are documented so that these processes can be maintained and optimised on an ongoing basis.

To coordinate these responsibilities in the most effective way, organisations should ensure that the licences purchased are utilised effectively through the implementation of a mature and robust Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy.

A SAM strategy mitigates the risk of noncompliance and significantly reduces costs by ensuring that licences are reassigned, reharvested or correctly retired before a procurement of new licences is made.

Why Trustmarque?

By providing the processes and strategy, Trustmarque enables our customers to manage their procurement spend and provide more clarity over their software assets. Our specialist Commercial Assurance consultants provide support at all stages of the asset procurement lifecycle to help achieve meaningful cost savings, ensuring you only buy what you need, when you need it.

Through the use of our bespoke professional services, Trustmarque has helped a large number of public and private sector organisations, such as Acas, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Denbighshire County Council to deliver operational efficiencies, improve the control of their software assets and make an average of 38% of savings on their procurement spend.

We can help formulate an SAM strategy by helping organisations to choose the most suitable toolset that is matched to their bespoke requirements. Choosing the most suitable toolset enables your business to fully implement an SAM strategy and to automate and monitor the processes that constitute our lifecycle management process.

While a typical SAM review will look at either processes or compliancy by comparing current licences used to the assets that organisations own, Trustmarque’s procurement consultancy goes beyond SAM to look at the whole business strategy, including software buying trends within the organisation. This provides our customers with a clearer identification process to find cost-cutting measures and ways to use budgets more efficiently moving forward.

Solution Areas

  • Now more than ever, organisations are looking for more value from their IT assets and a formal documented policy and process framework to manage them. Documented policies and processes enable roles and responsibilities to be known, agreed and understood by all relevant stakeholders. However, organisations rarely have the spare time and resources to design, review and document existing policies; despite the real benefits that a policy and process framework can add.

    The primary aim of Trustmarque’s ITAM Process Lifecycle is to give organisations greater control over their IT policies and business processes. Best practice suggests that processes are at their most effective when actively reviewed and managed, giving organisations greater control over cost and resource investment.

    How Trustmarque can help?

    Trustmarque’s ITAM Process Lifecycle service enables customers to design processes based upon international best practice to achieve ISO 19770-1 and specific business requirements.


    Our experienced consultants work collaboratively with teams on site to assess, design and deliver best practice policies and processes across organisations in a matter of days. Beyond implementation, our consultants create deliverables off-site documenting the new frameworks to support the continued implementation within the organisation.

    The Trustmarque team of consultants have worked with organisations from a variety of different industries, across both the public and private sector to implement key ITAM policies, procedures and documents. With over 15 years of ITAM experience, we know how to implement fully documented ITAM processes aligned to best processes to meet bespoke requirements.

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  • Software Asset Management (SAM) is a crucial part of an organisation’s IT budget and often represents a significant investment. With business and technology needs subject to change over time, a crucial element of effective software asset management is to ensure that IT strategy adopts a long-term approach.

    Our Approach

    Leveraging our specialist expertise, Trustmarque’s Virtual Asset Management service is designed to help manage software estates more efficiently and, with added clarity, save money whilst also mitigating risk. We use accurate business intelligence to empower organisations to make strategic procurement and software asset management decisions.

    To integrate Virtual Asset Manager into an organisation’s infrastructure, Trustmarque will perform a SAM Process Assessment. This assessment is based on a comprehensive review of the current IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes, including an evaluation of process maturity against the ISO standard for SAM, ISO19770-1.

    We provide an advanced, user-friendly dashboard that will improve the visibility of the software estates, presenting a clear view of an organisation’s compliance status to mitigate risk.

    The Virtual Asset Manager Service also includes:

    • Market-leading IT Asset Management technology – Snow Licence Manager is one of the preferred tools delivering excellent inventory, built-in licensing intelligence and advanced reporting capabilities.
    • A hosted platform – Trustmarque provides all the management and infrastructure in our data centres, reducing the requirement for local server support and provision.
    • Skills transfer – Trustmarque’s specialists will train your team to maximise the data and reporting with your SAM solutions.
    • Licence upload and configuration – Our licensing specialist will import your licence entitlement to Snow with the advanced configuration for areas such as data centre and virtualisation licensing.
    • Entitlement Management – Virtual Asset Manager service will enter all licence purchases on a regular agreed schedule, to ensure that your licence position is maintained.
    • Asset Lifecycle Management – Trustmarque’s Virtual Asset Manager service will manage the status of assets for you. Aligned to your retirement process, Trustmarque will archive devices to ensure you maximise the opportunity to re-harvest licences and avoid unnecessary spend.

    Why consider Virtual Asset Manager service?

    Gaining greater control of your software assets will benefit you in the long-term; we provide expert insights into the licensing and compliance of our customers’ IT estates. The Virtual Asset Manager service is a cost-effective way to achieve important business objectives.

    Virtual Asset Manager assists you in:

    • Developing key software asset management skills and capability within your existing team.
    • Maintaining your licence position with Entitlement Management.
    • Managing the status of your assets, including maximising existing licences to avoid unnecessary cost.
    • Improving decision making around software purchases through accurate MI and BI.
    • Providing you with high-level industry experience and links to major software vendors including Microsoft, our customers will benefit from Trustmarque’s high-level industry experience developed through successful SAM and licence procurement projects.

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  • It can often be very difficult for an organisation to manage their investment in a Software Enterprise Agreement, to control what is deployed and minimise any on-going costs. Most customers are unsure what their agreement entitles them to, or how to access relevant benefits within specified timeframes.

    Trustmarque’s bespoke Software Agreement Lifecycle Management service has been developed to provide customers with contracted services throughout the term of their agreement.

    Key Features & Corresponding Benefits:

    • Compliance Optimisation Service - Confidently maintain a compliant position in time with your contractual obligations. Optimise how you deploy or licence your software for cost reduction.
    • Commercial Benchmarking service - When it comes to renewal time, ensure you only renew what is pertinent to your current use and future strategy. Average savings of 38% will ensure that your next agreement is optimised for your needs.
    • Contract Management Service - Effectively managing your software contract portfolio can deliver significant commercial and operational benefits.

    How Trustmarque Can Help?

    Our team of experienced consultants helps support organisations in reducing the risk and cost of software agreements, enabling the continuous alignment of IT strategies to business challenges and objectives.

    The Software Agreement Lifecycle Management service allows organisations to delve more deeply into possible issues with vendors such as Microsoft, conducting True-up on time and ensuring that full compliance is met.

    Trustmarque can help your organisation:

      • Eradicate your anxiety about what, when and in which format to submit your data to providers, removing the risk of incurring unnecessary penalties.
      • Delve more deeply into possible issues such as conducting your true-up on time ensuring that you are fully compliant.
      • Our contract consultants will work with you to ensure that you are not overpaying for your licensing. By using our award-winning Commercial Benchmarking service you will save on average 38% over the next three year period when compared to the baseline of carrying on with the current agreement in the current format.
      • Help you meet your austerity goals.
      • Improve your SAM processes.
      • Delegate responsibility for reading the small print to someone you can trust to make sense of it all.

    The return on investment from time spent internally, risk avoidance, cost avoidance and a much better understanding of what can be achieved from investments made, make this enhanced service an obvious choice.

    Software Agreement Lifecycle Management

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