Mobile devices are ubiquitous. And sensitive personal identifiable data is moving outside the safety of the traditional IT security perimeter. Employees email documents to themselves, use work devices for personal use, access data from personal smartphones and tablets and store data in the cloud. Major personal data breaches are commonplace, putting sensitive information at risk of identity theft and financial loss and organisations at risk of as astronomical regulatory fines.

The challenge for Government organisations

As a local council or housing association, you are well aware of the GDPR, as you hold a vast amount of personally identifiable citizen data. But you’re challenged with ever-decreasing budgets and running legacy and/or multi-vendor technology, whilst constantly under threat of cyber attack.

How do you become compliant, protect you data and keep the hackers at bay?

Get protected. Get GDPR ready. Get Sophos.

Our latest report, ‘3 ways Sophos protects you against Cyber Attacks and helps with GDPR readiness’ discusses the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation and reveals how Sophos can help you comply with the GDPR and meet this data protection challenge.

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Sophos and Trustmarque Security landscape analysis assessment

Organisations that encrypt and protect their data, protect their customers and themselves.

We are offering a limited number of free IT security assessment in conjunction with Sophos. We will help to understand how your cyber security provisioning is structured and analyse current renewal dates and spend on current technologies.

Sophos has found that a consolidation approach from fewer vendors with less procurement, results in fewer licenses to manage, fewer management consoles and portals, frees up of resource for other uses and delivers tangible cost savings on the operational budget with an average saving of over 30%, while helping your organisation prepare to be GDPR compliant.

The assessment will produce a report with recommendations for a consolidation plan, potential future investment and utilisation of existing technology to help prepare for GDPR.

The assessment will be tailored to your organisation and will be based around:

  • Potential cost savings gained be consolidation of security platform
  • High level analysis of technology gaps relating to GDPR
  • Identifying existing Sophos investments that could fill any potential GDPR technology gaps
  • Understanding of the Sophos technology stack and roadmap

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What is it?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens existing data protection for EU citizens’ personal data

The deadline

25th May 2018

The fines

Up to €20m or 4% worldwide turnover (whichever larger) for breaches of personal data

How Sophos helps you meet the data protection challenge

Whether it’s data loss prevention, ransomware protection or cloud security, Sophos’ sophisticated and intelligent security solutions can cost effectively and quickly protect you against attacks.

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Stop the top causes of data loss

  • Central Device Encryption, Central Mobile, Intercept X
  • Central Device Encryption & Central Mobile keep data on the device secure if lost/stolen. Intercept X blocks data-stealing malware

Stop threats at the door

  • XG Firewall, Sophos Email Appliance
  • XG Firewall protects network devices by stopping data-stealing attacks at the perimeter. SEA stops suspect emails before they get to users and can block or encrypt sensitive emails and attachments

Stop human error

  • SafeGuard
  • File level encryption secures data wherever it goes — into the cloud, off your devices or network

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