Our latest report, ‘The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support’, evaluates the effect this increasing complexity has on how CIO’s support and manage business IT. Overall, the impact is significant; 86% of CIO’s surveyed stated IT management has become more complex over the past five years, and over three-quarters (81%) believe this has led to an increase in IT support issues.

For today’s CIO there are more management challenges than ever before; the advent of cloud computing along with advancements in mobile technology have added an extra burden to the CIO’s workload. Moreover, the rise in the availability of these technologies has resulted in an increase in the expectations of end users. However, the research highlights that end-users do not appreciate the difficulties of running an IT department. Indeed, 81% of CIOs believe end-users fail to understand the challenge in providing the seamless, round the clock access to IT that is expected ‘as standard’.

In the face of these issues, CIO’s struggle to deliver a consistent, company-wide level of IT support. One way that CIO’s are overcoming this challenge is by working with a managed service provider to simplify the management and support of services and applications. According to the research, 85% of CIOs are outsourcing all or some of their IT services.

One reason many CIOs opt to work with a managed service provider, is in order to deliver greater technology innovation. Innovation is rising up the CIOs agenda; 77% stated it is a top priority to reduce the proportion of resources allocated to ‘run the business’ IT, in order to free resource for investment into innovative IT projects.

CIOs are operating in an increasingly connected, unpredictable and demanding world. There is a clear recognition of the need for continued innovation but also knowledge that a lack of internal resources and skills can hamper this ambition. Choosing to work with a managed services provider allows CIOs to support vital, ongoing business IT functions, whilst driving new transformational business-led initiatives.

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