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The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support

82% of CIOs state that IT support is a growing burden on IT departments

The modern IT landscape means that providing robust IT support is anything but simple.

IT is being pulled in two directions and is charged with carrying out a number of functions. On one hand, IT departments need to respond to business demands for better customer digital experiences and employee demands for more autonomy. On the other, it is responsible for reducing costs, protecting the organisation’s data, maintaining control of business critical systems and getting the most out of the current infrastructure investment.

Although it’s now easier to use IT, building and maintaining an IT landscape that meets the constantly changing business needs has become much harder and more complex. IT has less control with trends such as BYOD, but are still expected to be responsible for making everything work together – seamlessly and securely. A lack of the necessary skills and resources in-house, due to the time required to effectively support today’s enterprise, affects IT transformation projects and prevents meeting the needs of the business for innovation at the speed required.

The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support report examines the current state of IT management; exploring how and why CIOs entrust IT management to managed service providers, and the ways in which CIOs strive to meet end-user expectations.

Download The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support report to discover:

  • The effects of increasing IT complexity on the management and support of IT services
  • The factors leading to IT management becoming more complex
  • The proportion of organisations adopting a partial of fully outsourced IT model
  • Which services are being outsourced to a managed service provider by UK organisations
  • The main motivations behind the decision to outsource IT functions
  • The effects of working with multiple vendors on offering a consistent level of IT support


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