Automation Testing Services

Automation testing can be an essential part of your overall software testing strategy. Using a suite of non-proprietary tools, you can control the execution of repetitive tests and compare actual to expected results. It’s a service that requires little or no input from a test engineer, and brings with it the potential to transform your processes for continuous delivery and continuous testing.

Benefits of Automation Testing Services

Free up testing resources

Free up testing resource for other tasks and increase productivity

Run tests earlier in the development process

Run tests earlier in the development process, and more often throughout the lifecycle

Decrease time taken

Decrease time taken to perform tests by using automation to replace manual test efforts

Increase the coverage of test combinations

Increase the coverage of test combinations, data permutations, and user paths


Automate using our risk-based approach for greater value and confidence

Reduce defects happening

Reduce defects happening through clear regression testing using automation

Minimise the ongoing costs of automation

Minimise the ongoing costs of automation by using Acutest’s test automation framework

When should you automate?

There are many different types of frameworks in automation testing. Each represents a fast and cost-effective way to find issues across the software development life cycle. While not replacing the agility and creativity of manual testing, automation can be used to drive efficiencies, improve effectiveness and free up valuable resources and time.

You should consider automating your IT testing if your tests:

  • Need processes to be repeatably performed
  • Require many data combinations using the same steps
  • Must be verified on multiple software platforms such as browsers, or hardware configurations
  • Are time consuming to execute
  • Require analysis of large data outputs and a high-level of precision

Our approach to Automation Testing

We begin with an assessment to help identify suitable areas for automation – and to select the right tests to automate. Using a proven best practice assessment tool, we carry out a structured evaluation of your existing test automation capability and needs. Once completed, we then create an implementation plan for guiding improvements in your automation capability across processes, technology, governance, and people.

By introducing Acutest Automation Consultancy Services into your project, we can help you:

  • Automate the right processes to achieve the greatest impact
  • Run tests earlier and more often in the development process
  • Reduce the time taken to perform tests
  • Cut the number of manual tests
  • Improve IT environment availability and usage
  • Increase the coverage of tested combinations, data permutations, and user paths
  • Achieve repeatability and consistency

You will also reduce common manual testing challenges, including:

  • Error prone complex tests
  • Testing data combinations
  • Monotonous activities
  • Use of out of hours IT resources
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Continuous Delivery Assurance Framework

Continuous Delivery Assurance Framework

We can deploy an automation testing framework, or transform your existing capabilities, by installing and configuring automation tools and processes. To do this, we use a series of risk assessments to identify the tests that drive the greatest value and build confidence in the solution.

In addition, by separating test scenarios and acceptance criteria from technical parts of the automation implementation our approach harnesses the existing expertise of your users, business analysts and testers.

This is a Continuous Delivery Assurance Framework that utilises open-source tooling, follows an industry standard approach, and is predesigned and preconfigured for modular and flexible automation to get you quickly up and running.

The Framework also uses a common language that is easily understood by all business users, which in turn represents a single repository for ensuring transparency and traceability in support of more informed decision making.

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Working with Acutest

Our Test Managers have many years of experience successfully delivering our services to a wide variety of customers. They have access to Acutest’s signature knowledge base of tools, techniques and templates, all of which have been built on the experience of successful testing projects.

Acutest was established in 2002 and has grown as a market-leading testing consultancy business specialising in testing software, business processes and IT. In April 2021, Acutest joined Trustmarque, adding to our strengths across the IT lifecycle as your digital transformation partner.

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