Non-Functional Testing

The reality in most testing processes today is the majority of resources and budget is spent on developing and deploying functionality, without considering how well the overall solution will work.

This can become a costly oversight that quickly leads to production outages, loss of business, user inefficiency, and security breaches. Our Non-Functional testing services deliver proven expertise to ensure non-functional elements don’t trip you up.

What is non-functional software testing?

The simple answer is that functional testing verifies what your software does, non-functional testing tells you how well it does it.

This type of testing ensures the areas that support your system’s functional aspects perform as they were designed to. It’s an activity that covers a range of different aspects including performance, usability, compatibility, accessibility, resilience, compliance and security.

Acutest Non-Functional Testing Services

Our skilled and experienced team will scope, plan, manage, and carry out all types of non-functional testing, including:

  • Performance – load, stress, soak, reliability and more
  • Operational acceptance
  • Resilience and business continuity
  • Maintainability and supportability
  • Interoperability and compatibility

We provide specialised assurance resource with security and penetration testing, accessibility testing, and readiness testing for standards certification and assessment, such as ISO, BS and EN.

Non-Functional Review

Through 20 years’ experience of working with a vast range of customers across different industry sectors, we have developed substantial insight in the defining and testing of effective non-functional requirements. As a result, we can utilise our principle-based and structured approach to quickly understand the scope and risk of your non-functional needs.

Acutest has built a comprehensive catalogue of story-based requirements, and grouped them into four themes:



including security and efficient operation



including compliance and accessibility



including patching and evergreening



including deployment and operational readiness

These themes are broken down into topics, are easily tailored to any service or application, and form a catalogue of more than 400 pre-written user stories arranged into an overarching framework. This can then be used to identify which non-functional requirements are applicable, and to speed up scoping, approach, and execution preparation.

Benefits of Non-Functional Testing Services

Improved quality

Improved quality through better coverage of your non-functional areas

Reduce production failure

Reduce production failure risk by focussing testing of your most important non-functional areas

Increase the rate of testing preparation

Increase the rate of testing preparation and execution with Acutest’s non-functional catalogue

Designated and expert resource available

Designated and expert resource available and ready to go

Achieve project delivery and timescales

Achieve project delivery and timescales through focus and progress transparency

Non-Functional Execution

To help you meet planned go-live dates, Acutest can provide skilled resource at short notice to speed up non-functional testing. We also provide specific testing skills your organisation may not have, or supply additional resources for a specific project such as a migration or upgrade.

Our experienced team can help strengthen your existing capabilities or be called upon to provide additional resource that will rapidly add value and deliver accelerated progress. What’s more, our capabilities and outcomes include the use of a wide variety of tools such as JMeter, LoadRunnder, QTP, BrowserStack, StresStimulus, Eggplant, ReadyAPI Performance, LoadComplete, Test Complete and Appium.

Non Functional Execution
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Working with Acutest

Acutest have work with a wide range of customers from different industries within the public and private sectors. We have developed substantial insight into defining and testing of a system’s non-functional capabilities.

We will work closely with your teams to ensure that your overall solution is ready to support your users and customers.

Acutest was established in 2002 and has grown as a market-leading testing consultancy business specialising in testing software, business processes and IT. In April 2021, Acutest joined Trustmarque, adding to our strengths across the IT lifecycle as your digital transformation partner.

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