Project Rescue gets your IT projects and prgorammes back on track

Avoid a hectic race to the finish when timelines begin to stretch and project slip starts to creep in.

What causes project delays?

Various factors from suppliers to staffing or over-estimated project progress and under-estimate delivery timescales. All of these can lead to a hectic race towards the finish. When delays occur they expose your projects to increased costs and push back your go live date.

Take back control of your projects

Our Project Rescue service helps steer projects back on track and back on budget. Together, we’ll streamline your plan with laser focus to ensure you meet the tightest delivery timeframes.

Five steps to an express go live with Project Rescue

What benefits will Project Rescue bring you?

Project Rescue identifies the biggest risks and brings laser focus to the project and gives you confidence of success when your IT project or programme goes live.


Increase the speed of testing (as much as 96% faster) through established testing techniques and automation tools and collaboration across teams

Reduce rework

Reduce testing costs, by up to 55%, by only testing what needs to be tested (this typically reduces test activity by 40% and identifies defects sooner)

Customer experience

Rely on our testing specialists who between them have 1000s of projects behind them and work to the tightest deadlines

Gain complete visibility and control of the path to ‘go live’, and keep track record for delivering projects when you said you would

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Working with Acutest and Trustmarque

For over two decades, Acutest has bought 100s of projects back on track. No matter how late in the day, our expert testing specialists can step in to help get your project over the line. We’ll work closely with you and your third-party suppliers to improve accountability and performance. We’ll support your delivery teams to bring in the timeline by providing an absolute focus on the things that will ensure a speedy path to go live.

Our test managers have many years of experience successfully deploying Acutest services to a wide variety of customers and industry sectors. They have access to a comprehensive knowledge base of tools, techniques and templates that combine the best practice insights gained from years of successful project delivery.

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