VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ provides complete visibility of your vSphere environment.  It enables you to understand the efficiency of your platform, identify potential cost savings, reclaimable space and any potential risks.

Let Trustmarque assess the health, risk and efficiency of your VMware environment.

Complete a short questionnaire to provide a few specific details about your VMware platform and we will then assess your eligibility for a 30-day trial of our Virtualisation Optimisation Assessment (VOA).  The VOA results in a personalised, comprehensive report that evaluates how you can increase your virtual environment’s efficiency, improve health and manage potential risks.    

vSphere in combination with operations management capabilities has enabled customers to:

•       Reduce the downtime of applications by 36 percent

•       Reduce diagnostics and problem resolution time by 26 percent

•       Improve VMware capacity utilisation by 40 percent and consolidation ratios by 37 percent

•       Double the IT savings of vSphere*

•       Customers can also eliminate long recovery times after node or server failures with our managed virtualisation for business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

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Further information about vSphere with Operations Management:

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*Sources: Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact of VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite,” December 2012; Management Insight Technologies, “The Benefits of VMware’s vCenter Operations Management Suite,” September 2012.