Modern Workspace Transformation for a large local council

Business Drivers

A large council required a partner to assist with a complete transformation of their modern workplace. The organisation had a mixture of legacy technologies and partially deployed ad-hoc cloud services which were used inconsistently through the organisation.

Previous transformation projects had failed due to poor user adoption and they required a partner who could not only deploy the latest unified Microsoft 365 technologies but who could also effectively manage the business change to ensure users were able to realise the productivity benefits of the technology.

The Solution

Trustmarque formed a multi-disciplined team to deliver a programme of work which was able to deliver the various aspects of technology. Our Solution Leads engaged with business stakeholders to determine how technology transformation in the organisation had failed previously and to define terms for success based on the organisations needs and put users at the heart of the transformational focus.

Along with the customer’s IT teams and managed service supplier, our technology specialists worked closely to understand the existing technical challenges. The team developed a technical transition that coordinated a significant number of technology upgrades and migrations in a relatively short space of time to minimise the impact on the end user.

Trustmarque undertook a ‘user adoption’ stream of work that was dedicated to managing the business change. Adapting a business change methodology based on PROSCI and years of practical experience delivering Microsoft business productivity solutions. The transformation initiative was given its own brand and a campaign communicated the intended outcomes and benefits to users, while being sympathetic to the culture of the organisation.

The customer is a local council based in England. Due to the sensitive nature of their business, we are unable to provide their name.

“Due to the challenges of earlier failed EDRMS systems, a critical factor in the entire initiative is the ability to engage effectively with business users and gain their trust and commitment to use the new system.

Trustmarque were awarded the work, in part, due to their focus on the user and their adoption of the new technology throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond.”

Public sector case study

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The customer rolled out Windows 10 desktops (Windows as a Service) with the latest Office 2016 clients deployed.

SCCM now manages servers and desktops more efficiently. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security suite has been deployed to more effectively control and secured user devices and information.

Mail and archiving services have been consolidated to a more cost-effective solution in Office 365. The new Skype for Business services encourages better real time collaboration and helps reduce costs associated with travelling between offices.

A SharePoint EDRMS based on a version of the Local Government Classification Scheme (currently in pilot) offers the organisation better control of document content, which is not only GDPR compliant but allows users to be more productive.

Due to way the business change was managed it has encouraged a greater degree of buy in from users and increased the perceived success of the work. The council now have business champions who can continue to drive user adoption by collaborating and communicating the transformational benefits of the Microsoft 365 platform for the life time of the service.

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