VAM service with the world’s leading market for specialist insurer

Project Drivers

Working with a global, multi vendor software estate and over 200 brokers, this major insurance player generates several millions of pounds of licensing fees annually. The team were using a SNOW Software Asset Management (SAM) platform to handle licensing activity, but recognised they weren’t using this capable yet complex tool it to its full value.

They wanted greater visibility of licensing spend, in order to gain on-going control of its licencing investment. This visibility would enable them to optimise costs and consumption and proactively manage its vendor audits. They also needed support to enhance, develop and manage the incumbent SAM platform not only to maximise investment return, but also to leverage value from the enhanced reporting and management information that this powerful tool could deliver.

They needed a partner who could provide expert IT Asset Management services, who could compliment and develop their in-house SAM team, while providing professional knowledge, guidance, support and advice on future software selection and licensing.

The Solution

After a comprehensive assessment and selection process, Trustmarque was appointed to provide a three-year managed Virtual Asset Management (VAM) service, covering licensing and asset management support; commercial benchmarking and other additional service modules to further tailor this service. The solution covers seven vendors: Microsoft; Adobe; Citrix; VMware; Symantec; Veritas and SAP, across the entire IT estate.

Drawing on the expertise of their certified SNOW experts, Trustmarque also took on the full management and development of the existing SNOW deployment. This includes resource deployment to support data collation to ensure the platform is correctly managed, configured and maintained while at the same time developing the customer’s own SAM team skills.

As part of this three-year VAM service, Trustmarque is also providing on-going asset lifecycle management advice and guidance to ensure accurate inventories across the IT estate. Trustmarque will also manage the vendor audits and prioritise vendor onboarding, allowing maximum control and real cost optimisation.

Insurance Case Study

Key Outcomes

The Trustmarque VAM solution has significantly improved the visibility and control of the global software license estate and enables the business to better plan its wider IT infrastructure development and migration strategies. With improved SAM platform management, they can now access enhanced management information and reporting to deliver real business value. Trustmarque has also helped identify and prioritise vendor licence management strategies to maximise control and cost optimisation.

Since introducing the VAM service, a significant financial return on investment was achieved in just a matter of months.

Direct Customer Benefits

  • On-going control of its extensive licensing investment
  • Improve visibility of software licensing consumption and costs
  • Leverage value from enhanced reporting and management information
  • Better appropriate spend and avoid unbudgeted and workload management with comprehensive vendor audit management
  • Optimise spend across its global multi-vendor software estate
  • Maximise use of SNOW Software Asset Management platform
  • Upskill the in-house SAM team with knowledge transfer from the Trustmarque SNOW experts


As the world’s leading market for specialist insurance, this pioneer of the insurance industry is a recognised contemporary in the market. Led by expert underwriters and brokers, it provides specialist insurance services to businesses in more than 200 territories and develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed for an ever-changing world. It accounts for more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 200 registered brokers and a global network of over 4,000 local cover holders.

The ideal partner needed to provide support on the following key areas:

Holistic technical and commercial software licencing expertise

First and second line support for the SNOW Software Asset Management system

Ensure the Software Asset Management system is correctly managed, configured, and maintained throughout the managed service lifecycle

Review software licence agreements to ensure all potential licensing and financial risks are identified and reported (current and new products)

Review software usage data and make recommendations for software and licence optimisation or shortfall mitigation on a quarterly basis

Provide expert software selection and licencing advice for individual and project based business requirements

Why Trustmarque

Trustmarque offers expert IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management services. With our wealth of expertise providing SNOW software, we have access to a vast pool of professional resource and highly skilled SAM consultants to help clients liberate value from their IT investment – fast. With the customer having an IT environment that is continually evolving, they also recognised the value that Trustmarque could bring to their wider future digital transformation goals, including expertise in Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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