Business Driver

Durham Constabulary had a short term software licensing requirement to ensure it was able to support its desktop operating system and to future proof its ICT estate in the most cost effective way.

Steve Wright assumed the role of Head of ICT Service Operations and Support for Durham Constabulary and part of his remit was to review the software licences currently in place and find a more cost-effective means of future proofing its IT estate. In addition to this, the organisation’s requirements had changed as there had been a reduction in the number of computers within the organisation. Therefore the company wanted to ensure it had a clear view of the software licences it already had and how the additional ones could be redeployed across the organisation.

Steve Wright, explains: “Given the news from Microsoft on the discontinuation of Microsoft XP support packages, it was evident that we would need to re-licence our Microsoft estate sooner rather than later, so we were up against the clock. We also had a lot of future development work that we were planning and we needed a fast solution to meet our requirements. We were developing a SharePoint strategy, as well as a new Office environment with Office 2010, and we were exploring deploying Microsoft Lync. So we really needed someone to help us work out what we needed and the best agreement for us to manage our future goals.”

A Matter of Trust

Previously Durham Constabulary was under a Microsoft Select Agreement, however it realised that there could be a more cost-effective solution. Durham Constabulary was looking for impartial advice on what licensing agreements would meet its needs, but it also wanted to ensure it was not tied in to any single supplier when looking to buy its software licences.

Retaining Counsel

Steve Wright explains: “The Trustmarque Commercial Benchmarking team was great. They spoke to us about what we were planning to do with the organisation, helped us to do an inventory of what software licences we had and which could be redeployed within the organisation. Trustmarque outputs helped us to outline the life time of the products and how these fit in with our future strategy. Trustmarque came back with pricing for the various different licensing models available from Microsoft, and provided guidance on what would suit our needs best.”


Using Trustmarque Solutions Commercial Benchmarking service Durham Constabulary was able to save £190,000 over three years on software licensing as well as ensuring it was eligible for future support and benefits from Microsoft.

Since using the services of Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking services Durham Constabulary has signed a new agreement which will help to make savings of £190,000 over three years. Aside from this however the organisation has also benefited from gaining a greater understanding of its software licensing requirements, as Steve Wright continues: “Working with Trustmarque has given us a much richer understanding of Microsoft licensing. Using the Commercial Benchmarking service helped us to decide our procurement route, and saved us a lot of money. Through understanding what your future strategy is, and how technology fits in with this, you can understand the lifecycle cost of the technology and make a business decision based on costs and benefits.”