Business Drivers

Scotmid had been using a Microsoft Select Plus Agreement for three years which was almost at its conclusion. At the same time, the business was planning a number of changes to how it operated which would have a wide-reaching impact on IT requirements across the organisation. With this in mind, it was an apt time to review its software licensing options.

After receiving a call from Trustmarque, who explained the rationale and benefits of its Commercial Benchmarking service, it seemed to be the answer to what they were looking for.

Assessing all available options

The re-licensing project took three months to complete, and Trustmarque worked with Scotmid to establish objectives for the Commercial Benchmarking service, ensuring that the outcomes from the project matched the desired business outcomes of Scotmid Co-operative, Brian Eley continues:

“Trustmarque responded to our request quickly and began to deliver the service just as promptly, they looked carefully at our technology requirements and documented them fully. We were presented with a comprehensive document which offered us 24 relevant software licensing solutions.”

“Trustmarque then asked us to review this and focus on six of the options that looked possible. With Trustmarque input we then narrowed it down to just two, the status quo of our Select Plus Agreement and the Enterprise Agreement. This process was particularly useful for our team, as we then had to present a strong business case to the executive team for our favoured option.”

Not just a licence

After the consultative period Trustmarque concluded, that the best solution would be the Enterprise Agreement, which the company decided to purchase. Since deploying the enterprise agreement it has brought about a number of additional benefits, as Brian explains:

“One of the most attractive features of the Enterprise Agreement is the option to licence programmes at the end of year, allowing us to effectively ‘try before we buy’. For example, if we wanted to embark on a new Lync project, we could deploy and run this at any time, and make the purchase decision at the end of the year. It affords us the time and space to test systems and see what works best without being constrained by the software licensing and systems in place, which for a small team, allows us to be really flexible and agile.”

“Trustmarque were able to demonstrate the Microsoft Home Use Programme to us, which again proved very useful. Any employees covered under the software licence agreement are able to purchase a reduced price Microsoft Office package to use at home. As we are planning to implement Office 2010 and Windows 7 at Scotmid this year, the ability to offer employees the software at home means they can familiarise themselves with the system, and our training needs and costs are reduced. It is also great to be able to offer our employees such a good saving and benefit. Finally, Trustmarque were able to negotiate more value out of the training vouchers which accompany the Enterprise Agreement, which were of significant use.”