Business Drivers

As a shared service organisation between Herefordshire Council, NHS Herefordshire Primary Care Trust and Wye Valley NHS Trust, Hoople’s IT requirements needed to meet the prerequisites of multiple stakeholders efficiently. They also were required to identify cost savings, management and contract savings through improved strategic procurement and IT system integration.

Hoople were looking to renew their Microsoft Enterprise agreement (EA) and required an effective procurement strategy considering both cloud desktop technologies and open source solutions.

Trustmarque Objectives

Three years earlier Trustmarque delivered a Commercial Benchmarking service for Hoople’s previous EA. During the EA term, Hoople’s strategy and business model changed. Trustmarque was asked to establish whether the agreement was still fit for purpose and assess if Hoople were in a position to migrate to Open Source and cloud desktop solutions, as required by a government ‘Cloud First’ policy.


To gain complete visibility of Hoople’s current software licensing estate, Trustmarque carried out a Compliance Assessment service. During this process any risks were proactively identified and addressed. The service also established the software licensing baseline, risk identification and mitigation, and cost reduction initiatives.

The results of the Compliance Assessment were aligned to Microsoft Strategy methodology, which provided the first step for in-depth strategic planning. This supported the reasoning and costs behind the potential migration projects, associated technical requirements and resourcing estimates.

The strategic approach and detailed cost modelling highlighted a variety of Microsoft procurement options, potential negotiation points, key licensing term considerations and risk mitigation. Trustmarque issued Hoople with a comprehensive Licence Strategy Report summarising recommendations, maximum cost efficiencies, and optimum licensing solutions that would meet their internal requirements.

After assessing software licensing costs Trustmarque evaluated the overall impact cloud adoption would have on Hoople through an Open Source and Cloud Readiness Assessment. Trustmarque advised which IT services, applications and processes would be of benefit if they migrated to the Cloud.

Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking service enabled Hoople to assess their software licensing options whilst maintaining the awareness of the implications, risks and considerations. Hoople benefited from a cost effective software licensing strategy, tailored specifically to their IT and strategic needs.

Working closely with Hoople, Trustmarque negotiated a new Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. This included the flexibility to migrate to Office 365 as a cloud solution and the ability to encourage flexible working and BYOD in the future.


In comparison to purchasing the equivalent products underneath the current baseline, Trustmarque saved Hoople £671k (30%) over three years against a straight renewal with sustained savings over a longer six year period.

Why Trustmarque?

The complexity of the project and multiple stakeholder objectives meant a complete evaluation assessing all options was crucial. This included Microsoft software licensing compliance assessment, cloud and open source assessments, procurement options and negotiation support. Trustmarque was chosen as it has the capability to offer a comprehensive array of services and had previously worked in partnership with Hoople.