About Tube Lines

Tubes Lines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transport for London and has been since 2010. They are responsible for delivering the engineering and modernisation programme on our lines. Working in partnership with London Underground, which is responsible for the overall strategy and management of the Tube network.

Business Driver

Tubes Lines are responsible for the maintenance and management of London’s extensive underground tunnel infrastructure. The delivery of this responsibility requires a large workforce of engineers who must travel to the tunnel network to fulfil onsite assessments and maintenance. A critical component of fulfilling these task is the availability of up-to-date technical documentation. The documentation is stored and managed on Tube Lines document management system (SharePoint Portal Server) and engineer visits historically required the provision of hardcopies to take use on site.


Tube Lines sought a solution to reduce the cost and time overhead associated with providing the hard copy specifications and keeping them up-to-date. At a time when the use of tablet devices was being introduced across the organisation, a mobile, electronic solution to the above challenge was requested. The solution was required to be intuitive and automated where possible. Trustmarque were chosen to provide consultancy and delivery services due to our rich heritage of application development and extensive integration expertise with SharePoint. A solution was quickly defined to enable tablet devices to synchronise with the document management system, ensuring the required documents were updated so they could be taken off line.


Tube Lines are now able to support their engineers with up-to-date documentation without the need to physically replace hard copy documents, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Why Trustmarque

An intuitive interface was developed to simplify the synchronization effort and improve the consumption of the documents off line. Solutions were built to support Tube Lines use of both iPads and Windows 8 tablets, providing native applications for both.