About Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (hereafter Oxford Health) provides a wide range of specialist mental health services in five different localities, as well as physical healthcare to patients in Oxfordshire.

The Trust employs over 5,500 staff. This includes a large IT department, part of which is dedicated to IT operations. The team manages, for example, the IT service desk, the infrastructure, IT security and software licensing, and is headed up by the IT Operations Manager, Mark Walker.

Business Drivers

Oxford Health has numerous SQL Servers dotted around the estate. However, they didn’t always have the necessary time or knowledge to manage these servers to gain the most out of the systems.

Following an increasing number of SQL Server related incidents impacting service delivery, Mark decided to take steps to:

  • Ensure optimal configuration to radically enhance SQL Server performance
  • Improve ongoing maintenance of the servers to obtain best value
  • Develop consistent, best practice guidelines in keeping with current thinking

The challenge for Mark was achieving this service improvement with a reduction in the number of staff with the right expertise. He decided to partner with an expert in this area.


Microsoft SQL Health Check Service; one day’s consultancy


Improved efficiency leads to optimised performance

Oxford Health has seen a reduction in SQL Server related incidents related to poor configuration. It has also enhanced staff knowledge of how best to manage the servers and write queries. “The team has seen a significant improvement in the performance of their system,” comments Mark.

Enhanced knowledge from the experts

The quality of service and expertise offered by Trustmarque has led Oxford Health to call off their entitlement to Microsoft’s Deployment Planning Services with Trustmarque. Oxford Health is now reaping the rewards of more up-to-date knowledge in-house. “My colleagues have called off a total of 8 days of consultancy so far, in relation to SQL. We’re using Trustmarque to further enhance our SQL infrastructure,” said Mark.

Why Trustmarque?

Oxford Health had already worked with Trustmarque to deliver service improvement and to help them obtain best value from their Microsoft licensing agreements. It was an easy choice to ask Trustmarque to assist them again, given their proven expertise in SQL Server.

Mark was very satisfied with his choice. He comments, “I was very impressed with the consultant’s knowledge and he passed on a lot more information than we had asked for, all of which was useful and relevant to what we were trying to achieve. We were extremely impressed.”

Using one system with a large, single, standalone SQL database, which was under-performing, as an example, Trustmarque’s consultant worked with Oxford Health to understand how to improve the status quo.