To deliver an effective reporting system for a national train operator that will provide clear and accurate information to report against government key performance indicators associated with; customer service, train overcrowding and environmental impact.


Our bespoke Power BI dashboards were developed to exploit IoT instruments on board the trains and join the dots between all of the data available. The driver advice system (that sits on the train), provides insight into areas such as track inclines or declines, how far the train will run if it coasts, and what the next signal will be. By connecting data points, our solution provided the organisation with information on how drivers are using the advice systems, enabling them to raise standards of compliance and provide the public with a better level of service. The solution also creates information on how efficient and environmentally friendly drivers are being by allowing them to measure acceleration, breaking, and coasting habits.


The implementation of the technology has enabled the organisation to significantly reduce costs and meet government set environmental emissions targets.