Business Drivers

Until June 2010 South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was covered by the Connecting for Health (CfH) Enterprise Wide Agreement (EWA), from which it inherited the Microsoft software licences for the vast majority of its estate.

Once that agreement ended, the Trust’s estate was covered by a combination of software licences from the EWA allocation and a number of ad-hoc purchases.

The Trust was in a position where its entitlement was at the end of its usefulness. At the same time it was starting to plan projects implementing new portal technologies and looking into providing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Trustmarque worked with South Devon Healthcare to formulate a Microsoft strategy following workshops and communications with key staff. Trustmarque collated the software licensing required for the Trust’s planned projects and mapped these against the Microsoft procurement agreements. Multiple procurement options were worked up, including total cost of ownership figures, benefits, risks and recommendations. South Devon Healthcare was then able to take a clear view of its licensing costs over the next 6 years.

Commercial Benchmarking Deliverables

  • Trustmarque provided South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust with a Commercial Review to deliver understanding and confidence about the most appropriate long-term Microsoft software licensing strategy, based on cost and value.
  • A six-year Microsoft Implementation Strategy took into account various products and server virtualisation rights. This was modelled to include current licensing entitlement and future licensing options.
  • The result was a comprehensive service that began with twenty two software licensing options and resulted in the focus on three. This provided a thorough analysis with clear and concise illustrations around cost-effective Microsoft licensing agreements.
  • This Software Licensing Strategy Report was the output of the Commercial Benchmarking service, summarising each of the focus options selected. The results highlighted the costs for a three and six year period, highlighting spend profiles year on year, with risk awareness included.


Carrying out this due diligence enabled South Devon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to thoroughly investigate the full software licensing implications before implementing an IT strategy. Failure to have done this could have left the Trust with a large licensing risk.

By undertaking the Commercial Benchmarking service, South Devon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has identified areas where its current IT strategy could be developed to reduce future software licensing costs.

As a result, the Trust now has options offering tangible cost investments approximately 23% over 3 years and forecasted savings of approximately 22% over six years, when compared to its previous agreement. Furthermore, the results have defined a long term licensing strategy, based on the anticipated technology requirements and wider business objectives.

Dave Hayes, IT Operations Manager, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, concludes:

“Without the Commercial Benchmarking service provided by Trustmarque, we wouldn’t have gained completed visibility of all costs associated with the projects. This service has allowed us to make informed decisions about what to do next and to embark on our IT strategy with our eyes open about software licensing costs.”