With so many changes underway, TfGM enlisted the help of Trustmarque’s Commercial Benchmarking Service to assess where the greatest return on licensing investment could be made.

This service provided:

  • A comprehensive overview of the options available
  • Confidence in the choices made by the organisation
  • A business case for the selected options that could be presented back to the Board

TfGM chose to enlist Trustmarque over other solutions providers for two key reasons: its invaluable service and competitive pricing.

Formulating a Software Licensing Strategy

Through its Commercial Benchmarking Service, Trustmarque provided a comprehensive review of the Microsoft software already in place to establish areas for development. Trustmarque worked closely with the organisation, providing expert advice and information on the latest innovations and product offers on the market that would benefit TfGM. Trustmarque was in regular contact with TfGM and was able to formulate a long term software licensing strategy. This provided the organisation with the scope required to invest in new IT projects without exceeding the budget.


By using the Trustmarque Commercial Benchmarking Service, TfGM has successfully enhanced its current Enterprise agreement with Microsoft and saved approximately £60,000 per annum on software licensing costs, along with providing a vehicle to increase cost savings moving forward through technology consolidation. The new agreement will also provide TfGM with much greater scope for technology improvements and deployments in the future. However, the benefits of using the service go further – the organisation’s decision to upgrade its software licensing agreement is now backed with a solid business case. It is important that software licences are updated on an on-going basis which is a constant and time consuming process. As part of the Commercial Benchmarking Service, Trustmarque has provided a full forecast of the software licensing requirements moving forward. By enlisting the help of Trustmarque, TfGM has additionally saved 2 months of its team’s time.

“I have easily saved a month of my time. We usually start reviewing our existing licensing agreements months in advance of a renewal to establish what we have on the servers. This time Trustmarque did all of this for us. Without Trustmarque it would have taken weeks to trawl through the information and weigh up costs.” Jude Singleton, Security and Compliance Manager at TfGM