Business Drivers

  • Traditional endpoint security presents reporting and safety issues for a mobile workforce regularly away from the corporate network.
  • Compliance can be compromised by the delay between reports being created and their return to the network – it can be impossible to establish whether a mobile device is still compliant or not.
  • Monitoring reports and changing policies as a result was a slow, staggered process, only able to affect devices as and when they returned to the network.


A custom-built strategy for endpoint security, including anti-malware, encryption and data loss protection services, all based on a scalable architecture from McAfee that extended into devices even when not directly linked to the network.
With McAfee-accredited ACE consultants, the implementation was quick, easy and caused minimal interference with the day-to-day running of the Trust, and ultimately provided an enhanced and more secure IT environment.

Business Benefits

  • Improved security information governance and security reporting for the Trust significantly improved, with faster, more accurate logs from mobile devices.
  • Compliance with reports available in near real-time, the compliancy state of a device can be easily established, even if it goes missing.
  • Built for the future an advanced, flexible architecture ensures that the network can grow in the long-term, enabling the Trust to accommodate the PSN and its own technology goals in the future.
  • User productivity now that mobile devices can be easily added to and secured by the network, user productivity can be improved in the field and the use of time-saving, efficient devices encouraged.

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has a long history as a trusted supplier of IT solutions to the NHS, providing Trusts with the technology and infrastructure to deliver better service in a modern environment. As a McAfee Elite Partner, Trustmarque is highly qualified and has the capability to offer the cutting-edge scalable McAfee architecture utilised in this solution.