About The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, and two if its key strengths are its relevance to society and its close links with business and industry.

Business Driver

The University of Warwick is looking at developing a new HR system as part of an ongoing review of current processes, and recognised the need to get managers accustomed to using online systems, and to showcase what new technologies can do to enable the HR team. The first project identified as part of their long term plan was to replace a number of paper-based forms for recruitment requests and supporting documentation with a system that made better use of data sharing and innovations in self-service. The legacy recruitment process for the University required employees to raise requests using paper-based forms that were both complex and time-consuming to complete. Information relating to a position or an appointee couldn’t be shared between the different types of request, resulting in considerable time lost entering duplicate information. Forms were often submitted either in hard copy via internal post, or via email to the various Human Resources departments, with no clear centralisation of process or material.


Trustmarque engaged with the University to design and implement a solution that allowed employees to submit the various requests to Human Resources using an online form, and to later submit supporting documentation securely and efficiently. Services were implemented to enable subsets of forms to be integrated in an electronic format. The solution utilised the University’s Office 365 to make the most of existing resources. Trustmarque also introduced InfoPath 2013 for capturing and storing the request content. While the University already had SharePoint, it required guidance as to how to develop the existing facility. SharePoint Workflows were utilised to improved effect to alert relevant members of staff that new requests had been raised, and to extract key content from those requests.


HR managers at the University are now in control of recruitment processes and are better supported by technology. The solution delivered by Trustmarque to the University has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort the University’s employees spend submitting recruitment requests to Human Resources. The HR department has also gained time it previously lost chasing up missing information. Additionally, the solution has provided the University with the capacity to keep forms and associated supporting documents secure The ability to share data has simplified the recruitment process, and is the key to the success of the project.

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque has a reputation for delivering cloud-based solutions effectively, and for simplifying IT processes. For this particular project, Trustmarque’s expertise and previous practical experience in deploying Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and InfoPath was of great value. Trustmarque was able to assist the University to make the most of the technology it already had.