About Xentrall Shared Services

‘Xentrall Shared Services’ is a public sector partnership between Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and Darlington Borough Council. Xentrall Shared Services works with both councils to deliver various services. The IT department aims to ensure that the information for both councils is accurate and up-to-date, and that effective processes and procedures are established and adhered to. Those processes include the management, control and protection of software assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle, ensuring compliance with internal policies, licensing agreements and legislation.

Business Drivers

With an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy, an organisation can facilitate a highly controlled software estate with cost reduction and risk mitigation. This was the key objective that Emma Thorns, Xentrall’s Asset and Configuration Coordinator, set out to achieve for the business – to put solutions in place (Approved Software Library, CMDB) to manage and control its software assets.


Trustmarque worked with Xentrall ICT Services to conduct a SAM maturity assessment, providing a detailed investigation into key competency areas.


Spend Control one of Xentrall’s key business objectives is to reduce costs. The SAM engagement has ensured that the business is now in a far better financial position. The improved visibility of all of the software assets ensures that the company only purchases software that is used, has greater awareness of software that can be reused, and reduces wasteful duplicate purchases to realise cost savings for the Council.

Capability Optimisation – Trustmarque provided a detailed investigation into key competency areas, enabling Xentrall to turn difficult software challenges into well-managed processes and an effective SAM strategy that has saved resources, time and money.

Risk Mitigation – Xentrall has successfully gained control over all of their software assets, mitigating business risk and identifying opportunities within the business, and providing an effective software roadmap for the future.

Why Trustmarque?

Xentrall had worked previously with Trustmarque, benefitting from their ‘Commercial Benchmarking’ service. The success of that project, coupled with Trustmarque’s pedigree of licensing and SAM expertise, made the choice to work with Trustmarque again a relatively simple one.