About Dixons Carphone

Carphone Warehouse merged with Dixons in August 2014, becoming Dixons Carphone plc, Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company. Together they now have more than 2,400 stores across Europe, and approximately 40,000 employees across the group.

Business Driver

Carphone Warehouse identified the need to share and store documents from one central location securely. The company wanted to capitalise on the benefits available from their investment in SharePoint, and become fully enabled to share and collaborate on project related documents in one place.


Trustmarque embarked on a stage of exploration together with the IT department at Carphone Warehouse to work out exactly what further technical specification would be required to drive adoption and usage of the platform.

Next, the infrastructure was installed. Trustmarque continued to assist Carphone Warehouse to put the software into effective regular use in practice ensuring an efficient return on investment.

Part of this involved introducing staff to the new system and working closely with them to encourage their use of SharePoint and uncover further usage opportunities. Features were modified for specific teams; for example, for auditing, a functional and methodical use of workflows and lists was introduced.


Although the scope of this project was initially to introduce SharePoint to the IT department, it has continued to expand and benefit other areas of the business. The way the system is operated continues to improve and evolve, with the advantage of year on year support from Trustmarque. Having had SharePoint running for around three years, Carphone Warehouse has been able to build in specific work flows and bespoke lists to drive efficiency. Crucially, the security of sensitive documents is assured.

Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque was initially introduced to Carphone Warehouse by recommendation from Microsoft as a Gold Partner of choice.

Trustmarque has worked with Carphone Warehouse since 2010, and had already helped with the initial building of their document management system.