About Zodiak Media

Zodiak Media is a leading force in the global media marketplace, creating exciting and engaging content in every genre. It operates as an independent studio with over 2,000 staff and 45 local brands active in 17 territories.

Business Driver

Zodiak wanted to build upon the investment they had already made in VoIP technology to deliver a truly connected, intuitive user experience with a competitive edge. The company sought to increase the productivity of its employees and improve the overall perception in the systems they used.


As a leading partner of Microsoft, with extensive reference experience in the delivery of unified communications solutions, the Trustmarque team provided Zodiak with the confidence to deploy the next generation Microsoft Lync communications platform. This enabled Zodiak to exploit the investment it had already made in Microsoft technology and telephony, extending the Microsoft Office Suite and experience. The solution takes advantage of its existing VoIP solution and provides a common standard for all IM, Presence and IP Telephony interaction. The solution introduces compelling new user functionality without significant cost or premature replacement of recent telephony investments.


Zodiak users can now work anywhere, easily switching among devices based on their needs – staying securely connected so they can collaborate using everyday applications. The user experience is seamless and provides a common interface with which the users are all familiar Enhanced communications are providing improved productivity, higher quality outputs and improving the competitive position of a fast moving media company. At the same time, Zodiak has laid down the foundation for a complete unified communications platform which provides immediately rich end-user functionality, as well as the infrastructure backbone to reduce the costs of delivering telephony in the future.

Why Trustmarque

Zodiak were looking to achieve higher employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as lower cost technology. Trustmarque could offer a unique approach – providing a full range of IT services that would address and resolve Zodiak’s unique technology challenges. The consultative approach enabled Zodiak to thoroughly understand choices for the present time, as well as to look forward to future solutions.