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Understand all security, compliance, costs and resilience implications


Get a complete plan, roadmap and budget your move to the cloud

Azure expertise

Azure expertise provided by Microsoft and Trustmarque

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Avoiding common enablement and user adoption obstacles

How does Cloud Runway for Azure work?

Working closely with you and Microsoft, we deliver our Cloud Runway service to help you to understand the costs and requirements of adopting cloud services relevant to you. The assessment is a fully funded exercise and will produce your roadmap to Azure.

With thorough planning and the creation of a technical roadmap, you can be confident that all the necessary governance and compliance needs are met. The assessment will help you to control costs by explaining resource tags, Azure budgets and cost optimisation. This will be followed by the next logical step in the roadmap – implementation of a landing zone, which will also be funded as part of this exercise. During the deployment of your landing zone, we will implement the recommendations from your solution assessment.

Five stages of Cloud Runway

Cloud Runway is the first step in your move to Azure. This part of your journey consists of five stages, all fully funded by Microsoft.

Azure migration diagram


We will use tools such as Azure Migrate, Block 64, Dr. Migrate to understand your existing environment, servers, applications and network. These are non-disruptive tools and run in the background for a period of between two to four weeks.


We take technical information from stage one and create your tailored cloud adoption roadmap. However, this can be an iterative process where we use initial findings and then run further collaborative sessions to fine tune your roadmap. These can be based on non-technical factors such as commercials, team size, skills and business objectives.

Landing zone

Creating a landing zone is an essential step on any cloud adoption journey. A landing zone ensures that any data migrated to cloud stands up to auditing and compliance scrutiny. We ensure that all traffic passes through a central hub network in the cloud before reaching any of your workloads. Meaning it can be managed, inspected and authorised with cost control measures, management and monitoring tools built in from day one.

Cloud Adoption Framework workshop

To ensure your teams are skilled and able to use your new Azure environments they can be enrolled on to specialised Microsoft programmes. These can be the Azure Migration and Modernisation programme or the Enterprise Skills Initiative. Which, depending on eligibility, can be part funded or fully funded. We explore these areas in cloud adoption framework (CAF) workshops. Also discussed are detailed areas of planning, long term skills adoption plan, business adoption plan and implementation of agile methodologies, DevOps and pipelines.

Proof of concept for key app migration

The purpose of performing a proof of concept is to give you the peace of mind that all your key applications will work in the cloud. At no cost to you, we will deploy a copy of your key applications in the cloud. This ensures that all parties are confident that your services will continue to work correctly in the cloud before you commit to a full migration.

Why use Trustmarque

Why use Trustmarque for your Azure adoption?

From our long-standing relationship with Microsoft, we know that Azure is the most suitable cloud ecosystem for enterprise-sized customers with large Microsoft estates. We help you successfully migrate workloads such as SQL, Windows Server, Active Directory, SharePoint, and System Centre.

Our experience of migrating our customers to the cloud and modernising their application ecosystems is recognised by Microsoft themselves through their award of Microsoft Specialist Azure Partner for Windows and SQL Migration, and an Azure Migration and Modernise Programme partner.

Through years of working in cloud migration, we have built our Azure migration services with a library of code and resources to securely deploy cloud resources and migrate and modernise applications for our customers in the healthcare, research, government and financial sectors.

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