Creating a modern datacentre that supports both legacy systems and modern workloads is the foundation for a hybrid cloud environment. This will allow your organisation to scale and up when needed without the challenges of finding space or buying additional servers. And with the rise in popularity of containers, your HCI can underpin a developer-ready Kubernetes platform.

Our HCI solutions provide the support you need for the most demanding workloads and applications.

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)?

HCI converges compute, storage, and management resources to a single industry‐standard x86 server, forming a seamless, software‐ defined environment. HCI is simple to use and manage, does not require specialists, and is far more cost-effective and cost-predictable than many traditional solutions.

Traditional vs Hyper-converged environment

Why choose Hyperconverged for data management

HCI is more flexible and simpler to manage than traditional enterprise storage infrastructure and can be expanded rapidly.



Easily accommodates rapid data growth. Scale-up by adding more drives, memory, or CPUs and scale-out by adding additional cluster nodes.



Maximise storage capacity while lowering total cost of ownership



Eliminates storage silos and ensures next-gen apps can be deployed at the speed of business.



Access to data insights to support data analytics and performance.



Designed for performance, manageability, simplicity and scale; ability to introduce next-gen storage without disruptive migration.

Choices of HCI stack

IT must deliver digital infrastructure that supports the modern applications and workloads anytime anywhere. At Trustmarque we work with the world’s premium HCI solution providers, VMware and Microsoft.

Choices of HCI Stack

Integrate your HCI with VMware’s Software Defined Datacentre

The VMware solution is built on a software defined HCI architecture and natively integrates compute, network, and storage virtualisation technologies, with self-driving operations and management.

We have a deep understanding of VMware solutions and ensure you can manage and run reliable infrastructure and operations across your datacentres and multi-cloud environments. We will help you to deliver applications with the speed and agility to support your organisation’s innovation and growth.

Run your production workloads on hybrid and familiar Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s hyperconverged infrastructure host operating system. It is designed to blend on-premises and cloud resources which will maximise storage, performance, scalability, and functionality, as a part of the built-in Azure hybrid capabilities. You can take advantage of cloud capabilities with its simplified access to cloud management and Azure services. Azure Stack HCI enables you to modernise your infrastructure and consolidate virtualised workloads, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

With your Azure subscription you will get regular feature and security updates for Azure Stack HCI. You can use it to run Windows and Linux virtual machines and containerised applications from on-premises or at the edge. Your datacentres can extend to the cloud with Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, and Azure Security Centre, with more Azure services added as they are developed.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure Assessment

When making decisions about key IT investments, it’s critical to understand how your applications are performing on your current infrastructure. Trustmarque’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Assessment gives you with an impartial view of your suitability for HCI adoption. Our expert consultants will advise you on how your applications would perform on a new infrastructure.

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Why Trustmarque

We are proud of our 30-year heritage of supporting organisations with their complex datacentre projects. We have worked with a vast network of technology partners to discover emerging and established technology and deliver solutions that make a real difference. We do this by using our tried, tested, and proven methodologies to reduce project length and other risk factors.

We work closely with you to get a full picture for your potential hybrid cloud infrastructure which will optimise your on-premises assets and the cloud. Our highly accredited teams have a wealth and depth of experience in successfully designing, building, deploying, and managing cloud solutions for customers in the public sector and corporate space.

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