We can help you regain control of your Unstructured Data and take advantage of your data explosion. We have industry-leading solutions to support your most demanding workloads, no matter where they reside.

Tame the rapid growth of Unstructured Data

In the age of the digital revolution, organisations are having to manage more data than ever before. The vast proportion of the growth has been in unstructured file data. This unstructured data presents a continuous challenge as data growth is exceeding 50% year on year and the diversity of sources generating unstructured content is also increasing.

We provide a combination of scale-out file systems, object storage and cloud storage, designed to provide ease of management and robust data protection to help you tame the rise of unstructured data. Our Unstructured Data Solutions are hybrid-cloud enabled, flexible and scalable to meet any capacity and performance requirement.

Data storage made simple with Trustmarque’s Unstructured Data solutions:

Unlimited scalability for both capacity and performance

Ease of management, reducing operational burden

Robust data protection and security

Wide application access

Supports a hybrid cloud strategy

Example of the data sources that can be centrally managed via Unstructured Data Solutions

Centralised network file share

Unstructured Data and Data Management solutions

Scale-out storage

Through consolidation and automation, scale-out storage systems eliminate complex and costly siloed infrastructure. They strengthen and support a wide range of file workloads on a single platform with multi-protocol support, including automated storage tiering to object storage and public cloud. Scale-out solutions allow you to scale infinitely, no matter how large your data environment grows, making them ideal for data-rich organisations.

  • Simplified management via a single platform
  • Unlock new levels of efficiency
  • Access to powerful analytics
  • Unlimited growth potential

Hybrid and cloud storage

Microsoft Azure has become the public cloud of choice for many organisations, with datacentres in the UK and spanning the globe. Azure provides a safe and adaptable environment for a range of applications, including data storage, backup, disaster recovery, Active Directory and more. Azure offers organisations scalable and flexible options to complement their own on-premises infrastructure in a hybrid strategy or as an integral part of a multi-cloud approach.

Object storage

Object storage has enabled organisations to develop web scale environments like the big cloud providers, freeing them from previous restrictions of traditional infrastructures. Create flexible, fault-tolerant environments using commodity hardware to increase scale and reduce cost. Object storage is an ideal choice for those looking for hybrid options. Common uses include data archiving, backup, web, and mobile applications.

  • Options for public and private cloud or on-premises
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your data
  • Versatile applications
  • Simplified management

Why Trustmarque

We are proud of our 30-year heritage of supporting organisations with their complex datacentre projects. We have worked with a vast network of technology partners to discover emerging and established technology and deliver solutions that make a real difference. We do this by using our tried, tested, and proven methodologies to reduce project length and other risk factors.

We work closely with you to get a full picture for your potential hybrid cloud infrastructure which will optimise your on-premises assets and the cloud. Our highly accredited teams have a wealth and depth of experience in successfully designing, building, deploying, and managing cloud solutions for customers in the public sector and corporate space.

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