VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS

Being able to move between public and private clouds is a common approach used to take advantage of cloud while making the most of existing on-premise infrastructure. At Trustmarque, we understand that our customers need an IT infrastructure that meets their needs. By implementing a hybrid cloud solution, it ingrains agility and allows your organisation to quickly adapt and change whilst lowering capital expenditure and improving reliability.

Our partnership with AWS means that we can offer our customers the ability to rapidly extend, migrate and protect their pre-existing VMware environment within the AWS public cloud.

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Key capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS

Enterprise-grade capabilities

Simple and consistent operations

Flexible consumption

Familiar and seamless

Why VMware Cloud on AWS?

With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, quickly derive business value from the VMware and AWS hybrid cloud experience.

Simplify cloud migration of any scale

Migrate thousands of virtual machines, live, without retrofit – from individual apps to entire data centres.

VMware Cloud on AWS
VMware Cloud on AWS

Eliminate rework tax and reduce risk

Leverage consistent infrastructure and operations to integrate the public cloud with your existing investments.

Modernise your apps

Leverage cloud-scale infrastructure and services to extend the value of your enterprise apps.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Additional benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

Enabling fast Cloud Migrations

These can be critical when Datacentres are closing down, being relocated or companies are undergoing mergers and acquisitions.

Seamless Cloud Disaster Recovery

Rather than doubling up on real estate and power/cooling, you can offload Data Recovery to the cloud.

Datacentre Extension

For workloads that are seasonal, or for test and dev, the cloud can be a flexible, agile platform to scale up and down as and when required.

Next Gen Applications

Getting data and workloads close to platform services is the first step in opening the door to modernising traditional environments.