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Trustmarque & Government

Trustmarque’s team has decades of experience in the public sector, and is recognised as an industry leader in the UK market. This strong market standing, combined with our technical expertise, places our team in an ideal position to deliver the highest levels of service and value to our central and local government customers.

Our solutions support your cost efficiency objectives whilst also ensuring a secure and compliant IT infrastructure. Having delivered successful solutions to public sector clients including the NHS and the Ministry of Defence, our market-leading industry experience will provide you with the highest levels of specialist services to achieve your goals.

Crown Commercial Service

As a Crown Commercial Service supplier, we are recommended to deliver a range of IT products and services within the Technology Products Agreement 2 (named under Lots 1, 2, 3, and 6) including the provision of hardware, software licenses, associated advisory services, software support, software deployment and configuration.

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G Cloud 9

Trustmarque provides cloud-based services to public sector organisations across all Lots within the G Cloud framework, including Lot 1: Cloud Hosting, Lot 2: Cloud Software and Lot 3: Cloud Support. This makes us a trusted partner of choice for many public sector organisations.


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The CIO Cloud Conundrum

Partner of Choice

To ensure the investments we make are the right investments, we needed to work with a third party with experience of working within the private and public sector…Trustmarque was that partner.
Paul Ward, Head of ICT Strategy, Systems, and Development, Coventry City Council

8 Steps to the Cloud

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