Simplifying IT to empower legal professionals to streamline and transform the way legal services are delivered

The legal industry is changing; globalisation, mobilisation and a multi-generational workforce are largely responsible for the paradigm shift in the industries use of technology.

At Trustmarque, we have built a name for ourselves within the legal industry, working together with our customers to inform and shape their IT strategy, delivering end-to-end IT solutions from supporting Critical Business Systems with Managed Services to transforming Infrastructure and Software with Cloud technologies. Solutions that help legal organisations become more efficient, productive and competitive in a global market.


Delivering an always available service

Legal professionals are continually challenged to keep their service always available to remain competitive, and mobile devices, Software as a Service (SaaS) and secure web based technologies enable a work from anywhere culture.

The virtual law office

A changing dynamic in the workforce with multiple generations working alongside each other brings further IT challenges for Legal organisations. Mobile working strategies have become integral to the overall IT strategy; mobile devices, unified communications and secure access to documents are increasing productivity and lowering costs.


Alternative legal service delivery models

The delivery model for legal services is changing, legal process outsourcing is growing in popularity as law firms seek to minimise costs and increase flexibility. With developments in data security, organisations are able to manage data more efficiently to support this changing model.

Why Trustmarque?

Our consultancy led approach is designed around you the customer. We align our recommended IT solutions to meet your business challenges. With over 25 years’ experience and a highly technical and accredited team of experts we deliver end-to-end technology solutions that support our legal customers to operate efficiently and effectively in a competitive global market.

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