We empower retail organisations to use technology to create a better customer experience


Retail is moving at a fast pace and technology is accelerating the evolution of the industry. Never before has the industry experienced such rapid change as it embraces digital business transformation.

At Trustmarque we are working with our customers to completely re-think IT, building strategies based on cloud, mobile, social, big data and the Internet of Things*. We support our customers to;

  • Create an enhanced customer experience
  • Increase the time of products to market (working across every stage of the supply chain)
  • Lower costs by creating more efficient processes

*In 2015 retail recorded the fastest growth rate in terms of IoT adoption (Vodafone M2M Barometer Report 2015)

Empowering retailers to build continuous relationships with customers

Shoppers are more time precious and tech-savvy. They are demanding more choice from the industry and retailers are challenged with building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Retailers are building loyalty not only on the shop floor where customers are benefitting from self-service technology – for faster transaction times, and mobile POS technology to speed up purchases [by taking the functionality of the till to the customer]. But also with the delivery of an omni-channel experience which empowers customers to shop anytime, anywhere from their preferred device.

Retailer oganisations are advancing their use of Big Data analytics to help them deliver a unique and personalised shopping experience.


Optimising the back office

Back office IT systems are a core focus for retailer organisations in reducing time to market. By moving operations to the cloud they are creating closer connections to the value chain and benefitting from the scalability of Cloud technologies in particular during peak trading periods such as Christmas.

Why Trustmarque?

With over 25 years’ experience and a highly technical and accredited team of experts we are delivering end-to-end technology solutions that deliver competitive advantage for retail at every link of the supply chain and at every customer touchpoint.

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