ConnectIT 2021 – on demand

Trustmarque Connect IT focused on innovation, automation, and acceleration as the world continues to adapt to remote working. Over four days we hosted 20 sessions of thought-provoking content in which our guest experts highlighted the latest technologies enabling us all to work smarter in the modern workplace.

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Things you never knew you could automate

Luke Griffiths – Trustmarque

Let’s make it easier to automate, but where to start? How to start a successful automation programme and identify the right use cases for your organisation.

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Assure application performance with automated IT operations

Alec Kemp – Turbonomic

Applications underpin business operations and performance this presentation will discuss the operational challenges of managing applications resources and how letting software make the decisions through AI and automation, will continuously assure that applications are always performing.

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Power Platform – Building Better Business Applications

Seb Burrell – Trustmarque

We will be looking at how Trustmarque approaches new business challenges and solve them with the Power Platform. There will be live demos EEK and a great insight into how Power Platform can help centralise business data and make it easy to access for any staff member.

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Enhancing employee experience with Microsoft Viva

David Davies – Trustmarque

Viva is Microsoft’s new tool for driving employee engagement and improving their working experience. In this session, we’ll show you the four components; connections, insights, topics, and learning, and how they can make your organisation a better place to work.

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Unleashing the power of E5

Nick Line – Microsoft and Paul Brady and Sean Hannah – Trustmarque  

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IBM FlashSystem Data Resilience. Protection from failures, disasters and cyber attacks

Matt Fordham – IBM and James Poole – Trustmarque

To run an effective, efficient and productive IT environment, data availability is key and so too is the security. As complexity multiplies, so do vulnerabilities and the ability to recover when it is needed. In this session, we will consider the impact and relevance of storage infrastructure for data resilience.

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Take away the illusion and achieve success

Antonis Yacoumis and Boubker El mouttahid – McAfee

With a rapid shift to home working and the widespread use of cloud-delivered services resulted in a cloud transformation that many didn’t plan for—and most cybersecurity defences couldn’t handle. McAfee discusses how to create a consistent and productive security experience for users while making it harder for threat actors to threaten your workplace.

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The world has changed and so must IT

Simon Wilson – Aruba

The past 18 months have presented immense challenges to service delivery, IT delivery and even just staying connected. If we want businesses to thrive we must give employees and partners a better way to stay connected on-site and online with a more secure and frictionless environment.

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Defending Against Email Fraud; Protecting your employees, customers and partners

Neil Hammet – Proofpoint

Email fraud is costing companies billions, and consumer phishing is at an all-time high. Utilising the power of email authentication, Email Fraud Defence protects your organisation from all phishing attacks that spoof trusted domains. Find out why 30% of the Fortune 1000 are fixing the number one vulnerability in email with Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence.

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7 Key considerations for Kubernetes backup

Michael Cade – Veeam

This session covers seven critical considerations for Kubernetes-native backup and shows the importance of implementing a cloud-native backup strategy that will protect your business-critical data. We will also cover the pitfalls of trying to retrofit legacy backup architectures into a cloud-native ecosystem.

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Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Ian Wood – Veritas

As cloud adoption accelerates, managing and protecting data at scale grows increasingly complex. In this session, Veritas will cover how their approach to an Enterprise Data Services Platform helps organisations to gather data, information, and knowledge to manage cost and risk when adopting Hybrid Multi-Cloud.

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Introduction to SASE with Check Point

Humza Ismaiel – Check Point     

When looking to adopt a SASE architecture for your company, there are several benefits to consider including: attaining cloud-centric technology, reducing the operational burden and cost, as well as improving security and reducing threats.

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A data-driven approach to modern workplace success.

James Moran & Damian Masterson – Trustmarque         

The future of IT Asset Management crossed with success in the modern workplace comes down to Digital Intelligence. In this session, we will discuss the value of data and how utilising Prism can transform it into consumable information to save you time, money, and boost adoption of the M365 suite.

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Keeping your critical projects in check with Acutest

Christian Hopwood – Acutest

A team of Acutest consultants have been assuring the delivery of Europe’s largest migration to Microsoft Office 365.  The Microsoft applications are used to support the varied needs of service personnel and civil servants throughout the world. The presentation will address the approach and some challenges they faced.

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SafeGUARD – The new industry standard for protecting your data. Find out why.

Russell Payne – Trustmarque                     

The importance of protecting data from the broadest range of environments, no matter where it lives, mitigating risks of ransomware, and the vital new role of AI in protecting your data. Gain borderless visibility and on-demand access to all your data. See the future of data management.

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Enabling intelligent security analytics with Azure Sentinel

Cymon Skinner – Trustmarque & Stephen Lord – Falanx

Today’s IT is about being efficient and accurate, a challenge with the continuing push into the cloud. Sentinel, a powerful SIEM/SOAR tool that can supply answers quickly. During this session we will look at how we can build KQL quickly, using device and user information info then generate it into a report.

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The Tanzu approach to application excellence in a hybrid, multi-cloud world

Ian Harris – VMWare & Chris Francis – Tanzu                       

How can your organisation take advantage of the agility, flexibility and scale of the cloud, either on-premise or with a hyperscaler, to deliver the applications your staff and external customers need whilst avoiding cloud lock-in and minimising cloud spend? Learn about the Tanzu approach to building a modern application factory.

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Undercover Hackventure Workshop with Sophos

Jonathan Hope & Leigh Sunter – Sophos                                               

Half of all UK organisations have been subjected to a ransomware attack. Learn how to fight back against emerging attacks in our exclusive Undercover Hackventure Workshop with Sophos. Learn how to protect your endpoints from ransomware and other emerging malware.

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Introducing digital connectivity with Trustmarque

Rick Ure – Trustmarque                                

With the move of the Digital Connectivity business into Trustmarque, this session will demonstrate how a holistic approach to connectivity can transform how your business can approach change and use of next-generation technology we will show you how the move from heritage IT to Digital Connectivity.

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Realise your Azure Hybrid dreams with Azure Stack HCI and Dell Technologies

Lisa Clark – Dell                                

Azure is hybrid by design.  Modernize your infrastructure, consolidate your virtualized workloads and gain Azure capability & consistency with the new Azure Stack HCI. This exciting new offering in conjunction with Dell technologies #1 HCI expertise will help to accelerate your Azure Hybrid Journey.

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Faster Detection and Response with MITRE ATT&CK

Nilesh Mapara – LogPoint                                            

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a tool to help security teams create a more effective security defence. In this webinar, we will look at how security analysts can use the ATT&CK framework to more quickly understand how an alert relates to a larger attack so they can take the necessary steps to protect their business.

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Transform your business with data insights

Adrian Woolmore & Callum MacAllister – Trustmarque

This live demonstration will show how easily and readily a super-computer can be set up from scratch using Microsoft Azure Synapse and how it canbe used to perform analytics on “Big Data”. We will discuss the change management implications and how to build a complex analytical platform at commercially viable costs.

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Delivering the next generation datacentre with Vast and Bamboo

Andy Hill – Bamboo & Jeff Densworth – Vast

In this presentation we will take a deep dive into both Vast and Bamboos complimentary technologies.  VAST Data’s managed storage software unlocks the value of data and modernises datacentres in preparation for the era of AI computing. Bamboo Systems Enterprise-Class Arm Servers are architected to meet the demands of modern software design.

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Expert security tips from Trustmarque’s pen test team

Chris Gregory – Trustmarque

Find your weak points before someone else does. Penetration Testing should be a key part of any organisation’s cyber security strategy. Find out how you can maintain a strong and robust security posture by identifying any vulnerabilities or deficiencies.

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Securing and providing mobility to your legacy applications

Barry Daniels – Droplet Computing

Whatever your challenge, whether it be you need additional security to continue running business-critical legacy applications, or legacy server infrastructure, or that you want a more cost-effective simpler method to deliver any applications to end-users Droplet Containers can meet your compliance needs.

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