Cyber Security

What was secure a year ago, may not be secure today.

Some new software solutions come with built-in security which may only protect a certain area. This can leave vulnerabilities that may not be covered by your existing solutions or their current configurations.

Implementing new security solutions to existing software can lead to a mismatch of technologies, create security conflicts, and lead to poor visibility and management difficulties. It can also overspend on tools and software which produce overlaps causing to pay twice, or even three times, for the same protection.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

We know that no two organisations are the same, that’s why our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) will capture your existing security state and discover your desired security posture.

The CSMA is designed to help you understand your current cyber security posture. It focuses on your people, technology, and process. The assessment helps you and our team of cyber security experts to prioritise key areas for improvement and create a roadmap to reach your desired security state.

Our professional services, technology and managed SOC teams are aligned to technology best practise as well as Cyber Essentials + and the NCSC’s ten steps. The CSMA is not intended as a full gap analysis against ISO27001 or the NIST control frameworks.

Why Trustmarque

We understand that for most organisations’ security today isn’t straightforward. Our consulting team of 30+ dedicated cyber security experts will help you simplify the inherent complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have built a well-established, award winning, customer focussed cyber security team. They know that our customers are at different points in their security evolution, and achieving your desired state isn’t a one size fits all approach.

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