Cloud Security

The security landscape is changing, as organisations embrace cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy, including SaaS adoption, new Modern Workplace tools and Public Cloud. This means that the attack surface, the risks your organisation faces and the security tools you use to protect yourself are changing too.

Cloud Security


Firewalls are one of the most important defences against cyber-attacks, but it’s often assumed that once a firewall is deployed it looks after itself. However, to continue optimal performance, it needs attention and fine tuning to ensure it operates as it should and minimises your exposure to exploits. Our Firewall Health Check will examine all your current firewall configurations (whether this is physical or virtual), your appliances and give guidance over the best way to back up to speed.

Network and perimeter

Regardless of all the changes in security, it remains paramount to have a strong and robust perimeter. This includes next generation firewalls, email security and web filtering. We ensure you get the most out of these solutions with our range of Professional Services and Managed Services.

Network and Perimeter


As more applications and services move from an on-premise data centre to the cloud, a higher level of focus is now put on the endpoint. Your endpoint security should be at the front and centre of your security strategy. Trustmarque can help you understand the myriad of solutions that now fit in this area including next generation endpoint and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). We look into identities and how to ensure only the right people have access to the right tools at the right time, as well as how you manage your user privileges.

Information protection

The increase in data collection and its uses has created new opportunities for organisations. Yet at the same time, this has highlighted the difficulties many organisations are experiencing in managing the lifecycle of their data, where it resides, the level of its sensitivity and ultimately whether it’s been misused, deleted or lost. How to get better visibility and protect your data is more important than ever.

Information Protection
User Behaviour

Human Risk Prevention

Regardless of how much you invest in security technology, the tools themselves will never be enough to prevent 100% of breaches. This is why we have a specific focus on the human element of cyber security. We work with a few handpicked partners who specialise in helping educate your employees and track which ones are particularly vulnerable to attacks. In addition, we look at how you monitor and track abnormal user behaviour and identify users with compromised accounts and stop them before any damage is caused.

Managed services

Our team of dedicated Cyber Security professionals are committed to helping you protect your organisation against cybercrime. Our Managed Security Service is manned 24x7x365 providing industry leading coverage over our strategic security vendors.

Managed Services
Detection and Response

Detection and response

Various recent studies in the USA report that it takes around 200 days on average to detect a security breach with over half of organisations saying they don’t feel confident they would be able to detect a sophisticated breach. So how can you know when you’ve been breached?

Trustmarque’s approach means we find the right SIEM technology and level of Operations that is right for you. From ensuring you get the most out of your standalone SIEM deployment to fully managed detection, to incident response and threat hunting, our solutions are built alongside our leading accreditations with our technology partners including Azure Sentinel, LogRhythm, IBM and Alienvault.

Why Trustmarque

We understand that for most organisations’ security today isn’t straightforward. Our experts will help you simplify the inherent complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have built a well-established, award winning, customer focussed cyber security team. They know that our customers are at different points in their security evolution, and achieving your desired state isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Factors like digital transformation, increased volume and sophistication of attacks, compliance obligations and overall appetite for risk make your security challenges unique to you. Trustmarque’s portfolio of cyber solutions and strategic partner relationships mean we can deliver professional services, technology and 24×7 UK based managed services to meet every one of your organisation’s cyber security needs.

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