Firewall health check

Our Firewall Health Check is conducted by one of our cybersecurity experts, who will help you examine all your current firewall configurations (whether physical or virtual), your appliances and give guidance over the best way to get them back up to speed.

Our Firewall health check comprises of four stages:

  1. Firewall device health This an in-depth look into the device inspecting, CPU, memory and performance. Are your unused interfaces disabled or shutdown and labelled? Should your external ports be restricted or locked down? If you’re routing traffic dynamically is this authenticated?
  2. Feature utilisation This investigates if your Firewall features are working as they should. They identify which versions are being run and if they are up to date or if its support has expired. Do you know when your last upgrade happened? If not, then your organisation is vulnerable.
  3. Future proofing Here we will create a roadmap and market direction around perimeter security. As the world is changing and the challenges develop in sync. Factors including different office locations, increased remote users, SaaS applications and specifically the deployment of Office 365, and public cloud adoption means that what is required from your traditional network security device is continually expanding. Firewall vendors are constantly innovating to keep instep with these new challenges with new deployment models, cloud based or hosted, Gartner’s SASE model and new flexible consumption (or unlimited) pricing models.
  4. Monitoring, logging and backups Ensuring that you have appropriate measures to safeguard your logs and backups in a timely and secure manner.

Why Trustmarque

We understand that for most organisations’ security today isn’t straightforward. Our experts will help you simplify the inherent complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have built a well-established, award winning, customer focussed cyber security team. They know that our customers are at different points in their security evolution, and achieving your desired state isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Factors like digital transformation, increased volume and sophistication of attacks, compliance obligations and overall appetite for risk make your security challenges unique to you. Trustmarque’s portfolio of cyber solutions and strategic partner relationships mean we can deliver professional services, technology and 24×7 UK based managed services to meet every one of your organisation’s cyber security needs.

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