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Our Respond and Recover Services

Network Monitoring and Management
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Why choose Trustmarque’s Respond and Recover managed services?

We can deliver proactive monitoring and superior threat intelligence to effectively contain and manage cyber-attacks across your entire corporate network.

Our Respond and Recover services

Network Monitoring and Management

Monitoring, management and support services across your entire corporate network.

Proactive Security Network Monitoring & Management

Our skilled team will work alongside your in-house team to provide assistance wherever necessary. We can also source the right people for the job with the help of our reliable resourcing consultants.

Full or Partial Outsource of Cyber Security Operations

Our solution detects known, unknown and hidden insider threats and external attacks for more effective network security.

Multi-Vendor & Multi-Technology Coverage

We are experienced working in mixed vendor environments and are able to cross skill and bridge any gaps that may exist within your infrastructure.

Full NoC and SoC Services

A full range of services to assist with your NOC & SOC requirements.

Managed SIEM

Our Managed SIEM services provide world-class expertise, threat intelligence, efficiency and automation entirely managed by our experienced and qualified team.

SIEM as a Service

Our fully managed SIEM solution enables real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing across your business network.

Analytics & Reporting

Our tailored service provides you with granular analysis and reports across your infrastructure.

Threat Intelligence

Our service provides evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about existing or emerging threats to assets that can be used to assist our clients with decisions regarding the most appropriate response to that threat.

Proactive Monitoring

Our service delivers 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting and incident management support in line with GPG13 guidance.

Incident Response and Management

Rapid containment and remediation for cyber-attacks managed by our experienced and qualified team.

Cyber Incident Response Team

We provide immediate response services as well as dedicated consultants to assist you in identifying your vulnerabilities and recommending the necessary steps once the environment is stable to ensure the breach does not re-occur.

Incident Management & Response Planning

Our dedicated team will assist you in developing an effective incident management policy or process that will help to improve your business resilience, support your business continuity, improve your customer and stakeholder confidence and reduce financial impact.

System Recovery

Our recovery services will remediate your existing applications to get them to where they need to be quickly and in line with your ISO 27001 responsibilities.

Data Recovery Services

We can recover data from any type of failure, including mechanical, electronic or logical issues, re-partitions, low-level formats and secure erasure.

Business Continuity

Our experienced consultants can help you put together a formalised business continuity plan for your business. In line with ISO 22301.

Evidence Retention

Many of our customers are bound by legislation stipulating that the must be able to demonstrate their procedures and processes. Our team of experts can assist you in bringing together a strategy for this.

System & File Restoration Services

Our restoration services ensure that you can get your systems back up and running with minimal downtime.

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