What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge is a cloud-based IT model that packages software-defined networking and network security functions together and delivers them from a single service provider. It provides stable connectivity and protection everywhere so that people can work anywhere.

SASE gives you greater control and visibility over users, traffic, and data accessing your network. Networks built with SASE are flexible and scalable and able to connect your employees and offices across any location and on any device.

SASE Components

Combing software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) capabilities with network security functions, SASE is a single cloud platform. It helps you enable your employees to authenticate and securely connect to internal resources from anywhere, giving you greater control over the traffic and data that enters and leaves your internal network.

Four core security components:

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) performs several security functions for cloud-hosted services, including revealing shadow IT, securing access control to sensitive data and data loss prevention (DLP), and ensuring data privacy compliance and regulations. It secures access to SaaS applications such as Office 365.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) platforms lock down internal resources and requires real-time verification of every user and device to every protected application. It replaces traditional remote access solutions where the VPN are terminated in your on-premises datacentre.

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) are a cloud-based next-generation firewall that includes URL filtering, intrusion prevention, and uniform policy management across all network traffic to protect your cloud-based platforms, infrastructure, and applications.

Secure web gateways (SWG) prevent data breaches by filtering unwanted content from web traffic, blocking unauthorised user behaviour, and applying your organisation’s security policies. SWGs can be deployed anywhere, making them ideal for securing remote workforces.

Depending on the software solution and your requirements, the core components can include additional security services such as web application and API protection (WAAP), remote browser isolation, or Wi-Fi hotspot protection.

SASE Benefits

By adopting a SASE framework, you can:

Reduced Complexity

Reduced Complexity:

Combine FWaaS, Secure Web Gateway, ZTNA, CASB and advanced threat prevention capabilities such as sandboxing.



A SASE architecture is platform agnostic so you can scale up your security infrastructure as you need to.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings:

Consolidating security services and remove multiple disparate management consoles.

Improved Security

Improved Security:

Close these security gaps with with advanced threat prevention such as sandboxing and CDR technologies.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Only allow users to connect to applications they are required to access to perform their roles.

Trustmarque SASE Workshop

Our SASE Workshop is an exploratory session designed to explain how SASE could benefit your organisation and what the right approach would be to implement SASE in your circumstances.

We take a vendor agnostic approach to SASE and our experts will show you possible scenarios for your organisation and create a high-level roadmap.

The SASE workshop agenda:

Exploratory vendor agnostic conversation about everything SASE offers.

Our expert view of the whole market options and latest offers.

Identify possible security gaps and address security concerns that SASE can solve.

Layout a step-by-step approach to implementing SASE.

Help find you the correct SASE product for your situation with the right features and costs.

Outcomes of your SASE workshop:

Give employees the ability to work from home or anywhere securely.

Change servers’ compute infrastructure from office datacentre to public cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Move security applications to Software-as-a-Service providers from inhouse hosted applications.

Extend your security to wherever your users are and wherever your data resides.

Simplify security management to give protection from known and unknown threats.

Why Trustmarque

We understand that for most organisations’ security today isn’t straightforward. Our experts will help you simplify the inherent complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have built a well-established, award winning, customer focussed cyber security team. They know that our customers are at different points in their security evolution, and achieving your desired state isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Trustmarque’s portfolio of cyber security solutions and strategic partner relationships mean we can deliver professional services, technology,
and 24×7 UK based managed services to meet every one of your organisation’s cyber security needs.

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