Internet of Things

Educate your IT estate for smarter business outcomes

Get a handle on your IT estate and seamlessly connect separate devices and your network with our market-leading Internet of Things solution. Allow us to guide your path towards digital transformation and to turn your ‘dumb’ devices into communicative agents; ready to enhance your business and bolster your agility. With more devices than people across the globe, it is time to tap into the true potential of IoT.


What IDC expects worldwide spending on IoT to be in 2021


The number of ‘things’ Gartner predicts will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2021


Estimated number of IoT devices to be connected every year by 2025


The amount of value IoT could be generating by 2025, according to McKinsey


What is IoT?

No longer a futuristic approach for the Tech Giants, IoT is being embraced by organisations across all sectors who are reaping the benefit from IoT. With Trustmarque, you can kick-star your digital adaptation by gathering data, educating your ‘dumb’ devices and nurturing a colony of devices that communicate and complement each other’s output. The result, your organisation becomes more agile, resilient and lean.

What are the benefits of IoT?


Stay ahead of the competition and embrace IoT


Turn your business from reactive to predictive


Improved customer loyalty


Monitor vulnerable individuals and support tenants


Protect your estate and make your buildings smarter


Increase productivity and reduce maintenance downtime

Why Trustmarque?

Our market-leading Internet of Things (IoT) applications can help make your organisation more agile, resilient, and responsive to changing conditions. IoT drives better management information accelerated with data analytics and AI to improve users’ experience, access new markets and enable better workstyles, while reducing human resource for faster, more accurate processes. In 2021, we were awarded ‘IOT / Industry Partner of the Year’ for our innovation, leadership and best practice as a Cisco business partner in UK and Ireland.

What we offer

End-to-end IoT implementation by a dedicated IoT expert at Trustmarque

We build a platform which is adaptable and can tackle big data and power requirements

Data analytics and AI reporting to influence better business outcomes and cost reductions

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