After what seems like eons of waiting, the EU Referendum is finally upon us. In just over two weeks, the UK will finally decide whether it wants to leave or remain in the EU. Whilst the economy, immigration, and the housing market have been the main talking points of both the Remain and Leave campaigns, the EU Referendum will also have a significant impact on the UK tech industry.

Brexit supporters believe that leaving the EU would greatly benefit the UK’s tech industry, by removing much of the cumbersome regulation and red tape that tech start-ups have to contend with. Moreover, proponents of the Leave campaign also believe that by leaving the EU, the UK would be able to focus on nurturing its home-grown tech talent, rather than relying on migrants from the EU to staff its start-ups and innovate on the UK’s behalf.

On the other hand, those who believe the UK should remain in the EU say that membership not only gives the UK free access to a talented workforce, but also gives us easy access to a trading block of 500 million consumers. What’s more, tech leaders such as Kate Unsworth, CEO of fashion-tech brand VINYANA argue by remaining in the EU, that the UK will have greater opportunities to collaborate and be involved in exciting new projects from all over the EU.

Both sides clearly have strong arguments – and both, ultimately, are striving towards the same goal. Both Brexit-ers and Bremain-ers care deeply about the UK’s tech industry, and both want to ensure it reaches its full potential. It is only their methods for achieving that goal which differ.

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Given the potentially huge impact of the EU Referendum on the UK’s tech industry, it’s no surprise that tech companies across the country have been urging the general population to make their voices heard. Indeed, leading tech companies including Deliveroo, Tinder, Uber, Twitter, and The Student Room (notably all companies which appeal widely to the younger generations) have all been involved in encouraging people to register to vote, regardless of whether they want to leave or remain in the EU.

Whichever way the UK votes on June 23rd, one thing is clear: Brexit or Bremain, the EU Referendum will significantly alter the UK tech scene.

The EU Referendum will take place on June 23rd 2016, and the deadline to register to vote is midnight on June 7th. Registration can be completed online, and only takes a few minutes.

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