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We are hosting a webinar for NHS organisations. Whether a single hospital or a whole CCG you will discover how you can prepare, accelerate and manage the adoption of Windows 10 quickly and efficiently. We will have speakers from PowerOn Platforms and Trustmarque’s Windows 10 Solutions Architect Steve Perry.

During the webinar we will show you:

  • Why Windows 10 and why now
  • What you need to consider when moving to Windows 10
  • What preparation is needed
  • How the solution works
  • Why it is quicker and makes life easier for your IT department
  • The cost of not moving to Windows 10
  • Support available from Microsoft
  • What to do after your organisation has moved to Windows 10

Why make the move to Windows 10

With Windows XP having gone end-of-life and Windows 7 out of mainstream support, there’s never been a better time to consider a move to Microsoft Windows 10. The risks of running unsupported operating systems (OS) is well documented. Unlike other versions of Windows, there will be no more versions after Windows 10 – this is the last one.

Windows 10 will continue to be “evergreen” with twice yearly updates ensuring up-to-date security and enhanced business productivity features. With a requirement on IT to continually manage and patch the OS, we have specifically developed our solutions to support existing IT processes and budgets.

We can assist you in managing or streamlining your patch management processes and free up your internal IT support team’s capacity to concentrate on your organisation’s bigger challenges.

Increase the speed of a new desktop management solution

Trustmarque is partnering with PowerOn Platforms to offer unique and effective options in support of Windows 10 deployment projects to the NHS across England. This solution seamlessly brings together:

  • Microsoft’s most popular, functional and secure Operating System
  • Enterprise-class systems management & maintenance capabilities including secure OS and deployment, OS patch servicing and self-service software deployment
  • End to end project support from Design to Delivery and onward, plus a range of ongoing managed support and training options
  • Together we are offering an efficient and manageable way to move users to Windows 10. Whilst preparing you for the journey to managing, maintaining and servicing all your devices from the cloud.

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