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We have recently supported two South-eastern NHS Trusts to rapidly extract data from their Cerner system’s Oracle Database. They now have immediate and accurate access to data changed in the live system. No if’s but’s or maybes. All the difficult changes are immediate so that staff can rely on what they see in reports. It’s also very fast and saves time for the informatics teams.

Cerner is often seen as expensive and difficult to capture all the data changes in real time so we are running a webinar to share our learnings of how we overcame the challenges in extracting data in these Oracle sites.

The webinar will discuss:

  • How we met the challenges of synchronising large databases
  • Improving the accuracy of the resulting repository by
    • Handling hard deletes
    • Delayed transactions
    • Consuming very little bandwidth
  • Creating a true transaction based process
  • Handling field and table changes gracefully

Webinar Date: 14th June 2019

Time: 10.30am-11.30am

With up to 4 different copies and constantly evolving fields and tables, updating Cerner copies can be time consuming. We have automated almost all of this. One client estimates a saving of 14 weeks a year of senior analyst time. Cerner maintains a US interpretation of data with meta data organising the data into structures such as encounters and episodes. We will also show you tools to improve the automatic production of the required A&E, Outpatient, or Inpatient metadata and structures needed to underpin NHS data uses.

We were delighted to get the following feedback from one Trust we are working with.

“Having seen the others, this is a proper tool.  Its robust, the UI is great and its resilient. It’s 24/7 non-stop by design. No lost Saturdays, no lost overnights”

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