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Ransomware is in the news again and unfortunately looks like it isn’t going away anytime soon. Criminals and the technology are getting smarter and the attacks are becoming more devasting and costly. The average organisational ransom in 2019 was between £10,000 and £28,000. However, this is only the cost of getting data and systems released. There is also the cost of the clean-up operation, lost productivity and reputational damage that can run into the millions and take some time to recover fully.

We are hosting a webinar that will discuss how you can best protect your organisation from ransomware and how you can deliver the security requirements from within the Microsoft stack or from the wider Security Ecosystem.

The webinar will be held on 23 April, starting at 2.00 PM until 3.00 PM.

Our presenters will cover three areas:

How to prevent Ransomware from being delivered

How do you maximise the chance of blocking malware before it reaches your devices? The world of security technologies can be complex and ensuring you have the right functionality to combat these attacks can make the difference of being hit or not, we’ll look at the core requirements and talk about Microsoft and Ecosystem options for delivering Email, Web Filtering and Access Controls.

Securing your last line of defence

No security solution is ever perfect, and it is prudent to work on the basis that ransomware will reach your devices and users. However, ensuring you are using the appropriate levels of endpoint security, as well as patching and making your users aware of the risks will significantly reduce your exposure to ransomware.

Using backup and protect your data

Data is a valuable asset to all organisations and therefore it makes an attractive target for cyber criminals to steal or hold to ransom. Being able to backup and retrieve data in the event of a ransomware attack without having to pay the criminals and with minimal disruption to users and services is essential. Here we will discuss the benefits of a backup solution that ensures data is completely isolated from the primary infrastructure.

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