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In this webinar, we discuss the hidden benefits of SDS as business pivots towards accelerated data processing for BI, ML and AI.

Software-defined Storage (SDS) has become the IT departments number 1 choice to maximise the performance, availability and utilisation of appliance-based storage. In this webinar, we discuss the hidden benefits of SDS across multiple clouds as business pivot toward accelerated data processing for BI, ML and AI.

Data centres are plagued with non-compatible storage, sluggish applications and disruptive downtime – the root cause typically falls squarely in the storage infrastructure. Throwing more hardware at these problems does nothing to solve the deficiencies in the underlying storage architecture, however SDS can.

Join us on May 16th for this interactive webinar where we will cover how SDS:

• Easily pools different storage devices while increasing capacity and lowering costs

• Quickly speeds up critical applications and increase business performance

• Cost-effectively make data available 24x7x365 for your key applications

• Supports new flash and cloud storage without disruption – with the agility to scale up or down incrementally, the capabilities to be deployed on-premise or on hybrid cloud infrastructure, plus the cost benefits of running on industry-standard servers, business of all sizes and ages are looking at SDS to move beyond their rigid, appliance-based storage silos.

In this webinar, we’ll help you explore how SDS can help you:

• Protect your data across multi-cloud and AI environments

• Accelerate workloads

• Control storage costs

• Eliminate storage bottlenecks

• Solve storage management challenges

Finally, for those considering “How do we get started?” our webinar will explore the critical business considerations to know before adopting SDS.


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