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Join our webinar on Thursday 22 April where Trustmarque’s Education Lead Satnam Jassal, and SafeGuard and Data Protection Specialist Daniel Beck discuss the recommended strategies for protecting data from ransomware in Education – recommended by the DFE.

What’s the latest guidance from the DFE?

As of March 2021, the Department for Education and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have issued additional guidance for schools following a wave of targeted ransomware attacks in February 2021.

These cyber-attacks appear to be taking advantage of system weaknesses such as unpatched software or poor authentication and “have had a significant impact on the affected education provider’s ability to operate effectively and deliver services.

It’s vital that all education providers review their existing defences and take the necessary steps to protect their networks from cyber-attacks.

How SafeGUARD helps you meet the latest requirements

An offline backup protects your data in a location that is separate from the network on which your live data sits. If your backup is on the same network as your live data and a ransomware infection takes hold, all data on the network including your backups is susceptible.

With SafeGUARD your data is encrypted before it leaves your site and in transit, meaning only you hold the keys to your data. Data will never be read by the SafeGUARD platform meaning that even if an infected file were backed up it could not propagate, giving you the air gap needed between your live and back up data.

Join us on the 22nd April, at 2pm to learn more about recommended strategies for protecting your data from ransomware.

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