ConnectIT LIVE 2.0 - Tuesday 03 November

Trustmarque & Forcepoint Breakfast Briefing

James Holton, Trustmarque Cybersecurity lead, and Vaughan Evans, Public Sector Team Leader from Forcepoint hosted the ConnectIT kick-off breakfast briefing. They discussed how as organisations continue to evolve to work from anywhere, remote employees should be just as secure as they were in the office.

Trustmarque | Connecting your teams with Microsoft Teams

Paul Hunt – Principal Consultant at Trustmarque

In this post-covid world that we now inhabit, having the right tool set to enable remote communication and collaboration is essential. In this session, Paul Hunt (Trustmarque’s Business Productivity Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP) will take a look at Microsoft’s fastest growing product, Microsoft Teams and explain why a tool that was initially perceived as “just a Skype replacement” offers so much more when you engage with your users and empower them to use all the collaboration tools that it offers.

Connecting Teams with Microsoft Teams

Dell Technologies| Return to work solutions

Elizabeth Green – Cyber Resilience Specialist, Dell Technologies

The gradual reopening of UK workplaces presents an opportunity to establish a new way of working for both employees and customers. Businesses are recognising this as a chance to work in different ways permanently, reconsider their real estate needs, and reduce costs. Organisations must create a safe working environment that gives people confidence to return to site and to adjust to the new virtual / physical hybrid ways of working. This webinar sets out Dell Technologies return to work solutions to support our partners and customers to create a safe and secure environment as part of the UK return to work programme.

Dell's return to work solutions

Snow | How to Streamline Cloud Subscriptions & IT Costs During Uncertain Economic Times

Mark Lillywhite – Solutions Consultant, Snow software

A significant impact of the cloud revolution has been the rise of a subscription economy. Vendors have prospered from this model, and their valuations are now based on recurring revenue streams. The assumption built into these valuations is that customers need the service and continue to pay for it. In this session Snow and Trustmarque will share some insights to help you reduce spend and maximise value from your investments in cloud.

How to streamline cloud subscriptions & IT costs in uncertain economic times

Trustmarque | Power Platform – How to Take Advantage of Your Business Data

Seb Burrell – Customer Success Manager

Seb delivers engaging, immersive, and interactive demonstration of Microsoft Power Platform tools.

Power Platform

HPE | The Future of IT in a Sustainable World

Mateo Dugand – Technologist, IT Efficiency and Sustainability & Ray McGann – Sales Director, Asset Management

Achieving a sustainable future will require disruptive transformation across every industry. In an era of infinite connectivity but finite resources, we must partner with our customers and stakeholders to catalyse sustainable innovation in our industry and beyond. Only together can we solve the world’s most complex challenges. As every sector undergoes digital transformation, companies have a unique opportunity to accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy – one that decouples economic growth from consumption by maximising the value of resources and minimising waste. By unlocking the value of data to enable new levels of efficiencies and visibility into the product lifecycle, digitisation can play a vital role in curbing environmental impacts while also providing major economic benefits. In fact, the transition towards a circular economy is estimated to represent a $4.3 trillion global growth opportunity by 2030. Many HPE and HPEFS solutions contribute to a more circular economy – putting equipment back on the market, minimising e-waste, encouraging using vs. owning. It’s about meeting business and sustainability goals.

The future of IT in a sustainable world